Talkish Thursday: Favourite Moments

Hello everyone and welcome to the 4th post of Talkish Thursday! Crazy that I’ve been able to continue this mini blogging series since I have a bad habit of starting series and not continuing it. Anyway, let’s start! 

Talkish Thursday: Favourite Moments

The question given to me was: What are your favourite moments so far? 

Okay. I honestly could list a thousand moments– but I obviously coudn’t remember it all unless I journalled about it. I am a very planned person but I like surprise trips and moments and I’d like to share 3 of my favourite moments so far.

  • The Recollection

This just happened to me last Monday. We had our class’ recollection and it was honestly so fun. We didn’t get what we really expected like having an open forum with all of my classmates but it was honestly one of the best moments in my junior high. After our recollection, the Father who gave mass to us invited us into his home and welcomed us to his life. He toured us in his home and we went to the House of Youth where there are people who practise Christian living and they are all from different countries! It was honestly so nice to meet them and they’re all just so kind. We visited Father yesterday but sadly he wasn’t on his home and he texted us that he was on a mass. So we’ll come back there next time! 

  • The Pampanga Trip

This happened last February and I am planning to do a separate post about this since I really treasure this moment. The Pampanga trip was honestly so insane and it was just really fun. I went there withb my family and… it’s more fun with family!

  • Fantine’s Character

I would never forget the moment when my classmate who directed our play chose me to play Fantine’s role. I am honestly not a good singer but he still chose me and I enjoyed acting as Fantine. That is seriously one of my unforgettable moments in life. It’s so nice to dive in Fantine’s character and act it. Everything that Fantine did was all for Cosette, which is so admirable of her. I may not have played it perfectly but at least..

These are only three out of my thousand favourite moments! I hope you enjoyed this post. And here’s a little tip, if you want to savour your favourite moments, do a journal about it so you will never forget it! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in my next post! 


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