Guardian Angel Award

Hey everyone! I have been nominated by PSA to ZERO do his inaugural award. Such a beautiful award, though! Please do visit his blog, he inspires me everyday– he shares how he lives with prostate cancer. You all should visit his blog!

So here are the rules:

  1.  Copy and paste the award to your blog
  2.  List 7 things you would do if you had less than a year to live
  3. Thank your Guardian Angel.

7 things that I’d do if I had less than a year to live: 

  1. Serve God. This would really be the first thing I would do. I would join organization that preaches about God and I’ll do what God wants me to do. Life in Earth is short, sure. But life in heaven is eternal and there, you’re with the Father. 
  2. Do everything in my bucket list. I did a bucket list in my journal this March and that would be my lifetime bucket list. Before I die, I want to do all that’s listed there. 
  3. Help street children and visit orphanages. Yesterday, a street children came up to me asking for some food. I had two chicken burgers yesterday and I REALLY regret it that I gave him money. I should’ve gave him the other chicken burger. I realized how selfish I am yesterday and I want to change it. 
  4. Be with my family. I want to treasure the last moments with my family. I would like to travel with them and sit in the grass at 2am and talk about life. That would be amazing. 
  5. Be true to all my friends. Before I die I really want to make things right with everyone and since I noticed that I always argue with my friends, I want to say sorry and be true to them. 
  6. Read 500 books. If possible. Because if I read 500 books, then I live 500 lives again. According to George R.R Martin, “a man who doesn’t read lives only one.”
  7. Meet my favourite bloggers. I would really want to do that. I want to meet them and talk about random stuffs and blogging and life. That would be superb.

Hmm. Now it’s finished. It’s like there’s something missing in the list but there you go! I hope you enjoyed reading. Thanks again, PSA to ZERO.

Since this award was given to me, I would also like to share it to others. And if you see your name down below, I nominated you because you’re my guardian angel and you’re one of my inspirations in this blogging world.

There, thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed this award as much as I do. See you in my next post bye!


22 thoughts on “Guardian Angel Award

  1. Well done Jirah!! You have exceeded my expectations! Thank you for spreading the love. I am not sure about the 500 books though, might not leave you time for the other things! LOL! 50 really good ones might be doable though! God bless you and keep you!!

  2. Thank you!!! Haha I was exaggerating it honestly I was about to put 1000 books. Thanks for doing this award!! I really enjoyed doing it. God bless you and S!

  3. Congratulations, dear Jirah, on this wonderful award! You truly deserve it! I send you my blessings and best wishes for many more accomplishments!
    Thank you so much for nominating me – I am honored!

  4. omg I completely agree about meeting other bloggers haha! 😀 it’d be awesome 🙂 ❤ and I completely agree about spending time with family 🙂 ❤ thank you so much for nominating me 🙂

  5. Aww. This is beautiful. I love it! I’ll post soon. Don’t worry about the incident with the street kid.. at least you have learned a valuable lesson from it.. Next time it happens, you can share your food instead. Also, I’d love to meet other bloggers too! I wish we could have some sort of gathering here in Philippines. I think they have one in other countries.

  6. Thanks, ate Liz! Yes I definitely learned from the street kid. And yes yes yes I want to meet other bloggers too, just a little meet up would be so nice!! x

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