3am Thoughts 

As I write this it’s already 3:13am, I just woke up, yes. And here I’d like to share what’s been running in my mind right now. Note: all of these will be so random.

I like the silence of the night. 

  • There are only a few cars in the street. Strong winds are blowing and it’s just so pleasing to the ears and into the mind. So peaceful.

I can’t breathe. 

  • Seriously. Maybe I ate too many sweets these past few days that’s why I’m having difficulty breathing. I have an asthma but it happens to me rarely and I hope this isn’t the start of it. 

Why do people say that nothing good happens after 2am? 

  • It is honestly the best moment in the world, where everybody’s quiet, where everybody’s at home with their families sleeping, safe and sound.

1% and I gotta go get the charger. 

  • It’s creepy outside my room, oops!

    I’m back. 

    • It was just my mind, there was nothing really creepy outside.

    Should I start instablogging? 

    • I don’t know. I have no camera yet and twitter and instagram stopped making me happy. 

    I’m sleepy. 

    • Again. But I don’t want to sleep anymore since I’m off the house at 6:45. 

    I can’t wait. 

    • I hope all of my classmates choose to eat in Mang Inasal later. Mang Inasal is every Filipino’s favourite fastfood and what’s so good about it is that it offers unlimited rice. You can eat all you want! 

    Is it just me or time flies so fast at this moment? 

    • It’s already 3:30 am, it was just 3:13 a while ago. Or it’s just me. 

    What’s up out there? 

    • I badly want to see the skies right now, I can’t go outside since it seems unsafe and that would be creepy, but I badly want to see the stars and the skies! 

    It’s starting to get noisy. 

    • I already hear jeepneys and tricycles and other cars. It’s too early for them to work but kayod lang ng kayod para sa pamilya, like what the Filipinos say. 
    • Kayod lang ng kayod para sa pamilya means work fully for the family. 

    What time should I start to take a bath? 

    • I wonder. It’s still cold. 

    I’m hungry. 

    • I really want Mang Inasal later.

    What time should I get up? 

    • Should I sleep again? Uhm maybe. I’ll sleep for an hour then I’ll get up at 5. Perfect. 

    Thanks for reading my randomness! 


    6 thoughts on “3am Thoughts 

    1. Lavender

      Before the sun rises and everything is quiet is like the perfect morning to wake up to. Mang Inasal is always crowded, isn’t it?

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