Entrance Exams Tips! 

Hello everyone! So tomorrow, I’ll be taking another college entrance test which I am so nervous about! I’ve tried an entrance test in a college last January, the test was so difficult it’s hard to believe that I passed! 

Anyway, I hope I pass this exam since my mum and dad wants me here. I was supposed to study in Manila but…. okay.

So here are some tips and advices if you’re going to take an entrance exam test! I will apply this to myself as well.

1. Read lessons the night before the exam. 

I was told that I should just let the exam pass and remember what’s on my mind than study because you’ll pass if you’ll pass. But, I badly want to study in this uni so reading past lessons wouldn’t be such a waste. But don’t read too much, because sometimes what you studied is not the one that goes out in the exam. Just recall the past lessons in English, Science and Mathematics. 

Advice: Refreshen your memory in all branches of Science. When I took a test last January, Science was the most difficult one because it includes Chemistry and Physics! I don’t like Chemistry. But if you do like Science, then an entrance exam test will be an easy one for you! 

2. Don’t stay up too late at night. 

Stop tweeting, close Facebook and stop whatever you’re doing in the internet. Get hours of sleep. It would be hard for you to recall things! You should have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep to have your mind working properly. And also, exam rooms are such boring rooms that will make you feel sleepy. You need to feel alive so get much sleep as you can!

3. Pray before taking the exam. 

Prayer works in every possible way! It’s the most important weapon that you use everyday so don’t forget it! 

4. Have a bottled water. 

You need some drink. Being in an exam room might trigger your anxiety and you might have panic attack. I swear when I was taking the exam last Jan, my heart was pounding so fast and my knees were trembling. I almost had a panic attack, good thing I managed to relax and good thing I have drinking water with me! 

5. Never ever use your gadgets while taking the test. 

Your proctor might hate you and get your exam papers and ask you to leave. You wouldn’t want that, right? Just wait for the exam time to finish and you can use your gadgets again! 

6. Take a deep breath and just answer the test. 

Even if you don’t want to, remember that you parents want you to pass and are expecting you to pass. Do it for your parents and for the people who believe in you. 

Sorry for this short post! Wish me luck tomorrow! 


14 thoughts on “Entrance Exams Tips! 

  1. Hi I saw your comment in the spam box and I’m really sorry!! But I have checked your blog now and tell me anything I can do to help! I’m all ears and welcome to the blogosphere! ❤

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