Be Bold For Change

Here’s a little post to celebrate International Women’s Day even though I’m a bit late. Take note that this will come from a 16-year-old teenager who wants to #BeBoldForChange.

Here’s a little story I made based on real experiences (not mine, though, I just witnessed it!)

The woman loves the man so much and she’s honestly so pure and kind and all she did was to give and give and give. The man took everything that she’s giving until there’s nothing left of the woman. She gave everything but still, he abused her, he insulted her, he hurt her but the end of the day, he tells her that he love her. She’s fine with that, but she wasn’t really satisfied. Then one day, the woman who once had everything saw the man with another girl, and that’s where she’d had enough. She became tired of everything but because of her heart’s purity, she still managed to smile nonetheless. She did everything to repair what was beyond broken. And so she did. She stood up for herself and one day, the man came back. She didn’t know what to do, but she looked at him and smiled. The man asked for forgiveness, and she accepted it– with a pure smile and the solemnity of her heart.

  • The woman was so bold, wasn’t she? She’s beyond hurt but still she managed to forgive the man who abused her with all her heart. And I absolutely adore her.

I looked for IWD’s website and I sign up to #BeBoldForChange. As a woman, I’ll do my best to do be bold in everything and I’ll campaign against violence.

Campaign against violence includes: 

  • Educate youth about positive relationships.
  • Challenge those who justify perpetrators and blame victims.
  • Donate to groups fighting abuse.
  • Speak out against the silence of violence.
  • Be vigilant and report violence.
  • Campaign for the prevention of violence.
  • Abstain from all violence, physical and otherwise.
  • Volunteer your help at a local charity.
  • Recognize coercive control and redress it.

However, there are other choices in IWD’s website but this is the one I chose. 

I am always a massive hater of violence. Men or women, who deserves to be treated violently? Violence is something you can’t tolerate, and I just can’t stand it whenever someone is being violent to another person. I know women who has been treated violently. I salute them, because they still has the hope to get up and sometimes I just want to protect them so no one could hurt them anymore. Women– all people doesn’t deserve violence.

Now that it feels like I’ve taken a vow, I’ll try my best to report violence so that it can be reduced. I just don’t get the point on why to abuse women, I mean, women are honestly just so strong and deserves none of the abuses.

And hey, yes, you. Avoid being violent or being in violence. Whatever you are, women or men. It’s not just right when violence takes place. Always be strong and bold.

Thank you for reading this post. I’ll see you again in my next post. Bye!


15 thoughts on “Be Bold For Change

  1. It’s so important to recognise when someone is abusing you, or when you are abusing someone else. It can be a difficult line to see, but keep note of the warning signs and leave before it’s too late! Happy women’s day Jirah 🙂

  2. These abusers, male and female will apologise, say they love you and sooner or later the abuse continues and gets worse as it is accepted. Their love is not real, it is manipulation and control and it crushes the victim. If you know people who abuse, withdraw your friendship and have nothing to do with them. It takes a miracle to turn them around. They will bleed those they supposedly love to the end. They are predators. It’s noble to forgive, but one must never forget. Walk away.

  3. Yes, once they abuse you and they feel like it, they will always repeat it again and again. It’s important to know one’s personality when happy and one’s attitude when everything’s falling apart. I’ll do my best to do something or report when I see violence because I just don’t really stand it. Thank you for your comment! 🙂 x

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