Journalling Tips

Some people may ask what are journals for and why do they enjoy journalling. I, myself is one avid fan of notebooks or journals. And here are the reasons why I enjoy journalling and some tips on what to write in one of those pages! 

  • I enjoy writing on my spare time. 

I have a lot of notebooks right now and they are sorted on what I would write. I have a notebook for the plots of my fiction or short stories and poems. 

I have another notebook for my blog and I honestly say this has helped me a lot on my blogging! I also have one for my daily schedule and if you’re interested, you can read my 2017 Daily Page Notepad here.

Then I have another notebook as well for my random ramblings and stuff. And here’s the thing about personal journals, no one would ever judge you unless you make someone else read it.

  • I love being creative in writing. 

Whenever I’m journalling, my set of colourful ballpens are present in my desk as well. It’s so nice to see vibrant colours in journals, or atleast that’s what I want. Other wants minimal designs but I’m into more vibrant. 

  • I can practice my handwriting or lettering. 

I’ve been doing this since I first bought a journal, and I don’t think my handwriting changes. It’s still the same as before haha. 

  • It can help you be more organised and scheduled.
  • It’s nice to go back and read what you’ve written years later. 

Whenever I read my journals, it’s cringey but at the same time it’s so funny. Funny that I actually wrote those kind of stuffs. 

Here’s a sneak peak on one of my journals:

What to write in journals? 

Everything you’d like to write. No one would stop you in journalling so you could cover various topics and all of the random stuffs!

As for me, I write daily motivation quotes, Bible verses, my life and other things that comes up to my mind. No one’s stopping me so I write everything.

And if ever I have questions in life, I write about it and go back to it once I answered what that is, and I think that is so beautiful. I also write my personal problems and make a way to solve it. I do write letters as well– letters that I would never have the strength to give to someone.

As of now, I’m thinking to write a song since I love singing and being with my ukulele. My guitar was broken and mum bought me a ukulele instead. I’m still grateful, though! 

Thank you so much for reading. I’ll see you again in my next post.


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