Here’s the thing, I’ll be completing junior high school anytime this month or early next month, and I don’t know.. It feels so hard to let go.

I feel excited, scared and sad.

Excited for we’ll leave school and have vacation, scared because I’ll be having a new school and sad because we will all be parting ways with each other.

I have mentioned them in some of my posts and I really do treasure them. I treasure my classmates, they made my junior high school complete, happy and extravagant. It’s so hard to think that we’ll be having our separate ways from now on. Despite all of the judgmental people behind our backs and the gossips, we managed to stay as one, we managed to stay whole and unbroken. 

I love them so much, everyone of them. They might not know it but I really really do love them. I’m not so showy of my feelings but this time, I want them to know that they are all so important to me, whether we talk a lot or we don’t really talk at all. 

I’m so happy I came with this section. They might not know it but I guess they helped me a lot to overcome my anxiety. They made me feel real and honest and glad.

I hope we won’t forget each other, and I absolutely do hope that we’ll still greet each other whenever we meet somewhere.

My section also helped each other to become close to God, and I’m glad we succeeded in that one. I hope that even though we part ways, God stays in the center of our hearts so we’ll never forget.. never.


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