Talkish Thursday: Love and Kindness

Hello everyone! I wasn’t really planning to do a Talkish Thursday post today but it’s the last Thursday of February and I don’t wanna miss a single Talkish Thursday post which happens every month. So here you go! 

Talkish Thursday: Love and Kindness

How long has it been since you last gave food to someone out in the street who needs it? How long has it been since you last talked to your so-called friends or best friends that sadly betrayed you? How long has it been since you’ve been kind to someone? 

Maybe your answer’s a minute ago, a month ago, a year ago, yesterday or what. And I salute you if your answer was a minute ago. 

Last week in our ESP (Values) class, we studied about love and kindness. And the two are likely the same. The quote that our teacher said to us was:

How can you love God whom you have not seen and hate your brother and sister who you see everyday? 

My reaction to that was “right. How can I really love God if I have hate for my brothers and sisters?” That moment, I realized that my love for God wasn’t right. Because I do sometimes hate other people. And at that moment as well, I was willing to change my interaction with other people to truly love Him.

The first step of it is being kind. Kindness. That’s the answer. But now questions keep on rushing, right? Like..

  1. What if they fool me? 
  2. What if they hurt me? 
  3. What if they make fun of my kindness behind my back? 

I ask you not to worry. As Grace in God’s Not Dead 2 said, 

“I’d rather be judged by the world and stand with God, than be judged by God and stand with the world.”

That clearly explains everything. Whether they hate you or they make fun of you, at least you’ve been kind and you’ve showed that you love them in the simplest possible way. Kindness will be your defense mechanism to judgmental people, I believe that.

And whenever you’re feeling angry, just walk away and get some air. If you talk to someone angry and you’re angry, that will lead to so much misunderstanding. Just be patient and everything will be okay.

It would be so nice to see the world with so much kindness in everyone, with love and hope and faith. So let’s start spreading love to everyone! 

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re happy wherever you are right now. See you! x


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