January Favourites 2017

Hey everyone! It’s so good to be back! Not that I really left but, I have completed all the school works to do, which is a great accomplishment! 

January has been a great start for me, I hope it did for you all as well. Though I almost gave up this January, but I still kept on going. So here, I’d love to share the things I loved this month. 

This one’s a freebie from Eveready. It is a lamp and I use it whenever my kittens are sleeping in my room. I honestly love this one, so useful!

This was given to me by Rain, a Christmas gift. I displayed it on my table and I really love it!

This Tily Hand Wash and Moisturiser is absolutely my favourite! And it smells so good! I don’t know where my mum got it, I just found it at home. 

This Nivea Creme is my go-to moisturizer this month! I bring this whenever I have sleepovers plus it can fit through my pocket! I absolutely love this one!

Last one is this NescafΓ© Christmassy Tumblr. I really love this one. I saw it at the store and I immediately grabbed it because of it’s design. 

That’s it for my January Favourites! I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you’re happy wherever you are right now. See you! x


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