My Dream Closet

I’m a teenage girl who has so many dreams in the world… and one of my dreams is to have a big house for my mum and dad and brothers. But other than that, I’ve also dreamed about having a good walk-in closet! I really like clothes but sad to say, I have only one cabinet for my clothes and to put it simply, it’s freaking not organised! 
I don’t know, I hate my cabinet. Everytime I arrange it, the other day it’s unorganised again. I really want a new one, though.

So today I’d like to share my dream closet with you. *winks*
When I was younger and when Hannah Montana was still alive, I absolutely want a closet like hers! 

I mean.. I still dream of it. I think if I’d get that closet, I would just change the painting to white. 

But other than that…

I absolutely want my closet to be organised, like the one above. But aside from that, I want my clothes to be arranged in its colour. Like white to white, black to black and so on. I think it would be a lot easier if I’m running out of time and I still need to think for matching colours. 

Another one that I’d like is a shoe rack. Because shoes needs to be organised as well! I would also like a mirror with a table like the one in the picture (left). I could put scented candles and whatever makes me happy in that part.

One more thing that I would like is a chandelier. It would be really awesome! Honestly, I could live with this. Also, the bags needs organising so I think I would need like the one in the upper right. 

Lastly, I want my closet to have a full length mirror. I mean, mirrors have got to be in a closet, right? 

Recently, I’ve been emailing with MakeSpace. They offer great storage solutions, really great storage solutions! The best thing is, they are the ones who would pick up your things, store them in there and get it back whenever you want it! Such a sad thing that it’s only available in the US. And hey, if you’re from the US, check out their self-storage locations.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Tell me about your own dream closet! Put a link down below or just simply comment something about it. πŸ˜‰


8 thoughts on “My Dream Closet

  1. Debbie

    Those are wonderful, I would kill for a closet like that and true when Hannah Montana was still alive I wanted a closet like her’s πŸ˜„πŸ˜

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