January 2017 Playlist!

Hello everyone! It’s my second post for today… I hope you won’t get rid of me. I’ve been extremely busy these past few days and I think I would be busier these following days. Just a little update that I got sick yesterday so I didn’t come to school and I missed three exams! It’s hassle to take up special exams but.. I need it. Sigh.

Anyways, for today’s second post, I’ll be doing the My Current Playlist Tag by Farah Edz and I give thanks to the awesome Kate Gold for nominating me to do this tag! Monthly playlist is my thing so I’d sure come up with a post like this but I’d do the tag as well now! 

So let’s start! 

  1. Castle On The Hill – Ed Sheeran. Ed Sheeran coming back with his new music is a great way to start 2017! This song makes me wanna cry at any moment. I love it! 
  2. Versace On The Floor – Bruno Mars. Geez. I have no comment. This song is absolutely lit and it’s also on replay these past few days! Go check it out if you still haven’t!
  3. Perfume by New Hope Club. Another great way to start 2017. New Hope Club just released their first ever music video with VEVO! I’ve been a fan of them since the day they started and I am absolutely proud to see how far they’ve come! Please go check their new music video, which was only released yesterday!!  
  4. All I Ask – Adele (Cover by Bruno Mars). Honestly, Bruno Mars is really lit! When I first watched his cover, I nearly cried. He’s totally lit.
  5. Bad Things – Machine Gun Kelly, Camila Cabello. Is it bad that I just found out that Camila left Fifth Harmony? Lol… Anyway! I’m absolutely loving this one!

    So this is it for my January 2017 playlist! There are still a lot but I only chose the top 5 of my playlist! 

    Since this is a tag, I nominate: 

    Mental Catastrophe

    Hangout with Lucia

    Miss Pineapple


    Tabi Bee

    Thanks for reading and see you again next post! ❀


    10 thoughts on “January 2017 Playlist!

    1. Lavender

      I love Castle on the Hill! And great playlist.
      I’ve never done something like this, but thank you for the tag😊

    2. Castle on the Hill is such a good song and anything by Adele gets five stars from me, even when covered by someone else!
      Thanks for sharing,
      Sophie x

    3. FarahEdz

      OMG the perfume song though. I’d never heard it before but I’m sure that it is great. Gotta searches it on Youtube soon. I meant nowπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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