Hello everyone! Just a little update on what’s going on..

About my cat, I found her. She came back. Honestly, I was feeling so depressed and I almost panicked yesterday when I found out that my cat was missing. But thankfully, she came back yesterday night. She was so filthy! I don’t know what to feel when I saw her, I can’t be mad because she’s just too cute and I was glad she’s back but what she did is upsetting.. Lol I don’t know. I also researched about cats yesterday and that it was normal for them to not come home. They can always find their way back. 

Next update is… I’m having exams tomorrow.. and for the next two days. So basically, I’ll be having exams until Friday. I am honestly so busy and I’m doing so much paperworks at the moment– I just took a little break and thought I’d do a blog post. After my exams, we’ll focus about our research paper and our product so I won’t be really active for the next days. Wish me luck!

But I’ll have another blog post this Saturday! 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’re feeling wonderful! Bye!


17 thoughts on “Update..

  1. Lavender

    That’s good she came back! She was probably strolling around and got lost and somehow finally found a way to get home to you.
    For some reason, this reminds of a small anime called Chi’s New Home (Chi’s New Address 2nd season). It’s about a small kitten’s adventure. Each episode is only 2 minutes long.
    Anyways, I also wish you luck on your exams!😊

  2. Thank goodness your cat went home… Although that’s one thing about cats, they are really independent… Hope it doesn’t happen again though.

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