2017 Daily Page Notepad

Hello, world! So at the 31st of December, I’ve decided to make a daily journal on my life this 2017. And I thought I’d share it to all of you because why not? Haha. Let’s start!

First of, I used an old notebook which has still many pages left. I kept it because I thought it would be useful and my idea about journalling came up. I re-designed the notebook a bit and covered it with plastic cover, and there, I’m finished!

Oh, please excuse the Christmassy cover of my study table, haha! I haven’t had the time to change it yet.

To know more about what’s inside, here’s another set of pictures as well:

Date. I put it in the upper right corner of the notebook.

And then I found this little to-do memo and thought it would add some spice on my daily notepad. 

Next section is the water tracker and fitness section. I thought I’d take care of my physical self this year so I added it. 

Another section is the events and blog section. 

And then the 3 major goals section. 

The purchase section. Sometimes I change the section to school requirements section because we honestly have many things to do, that’s why I need to keep track on it.

And lastly, money savings. I want to keep track on my money this year but so far, I still keep on wasting it.. Lol.

Anyway, I got this idea from Pinterest, but I forgot the link. Sorry. 

Have you also got your 2017 planner or notepad? I’d like to know!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! See you!! x


10 thoughts on “2017 Daily Page Notepad

  1. Yes, it really takes too much time (I’m currently having the problem to be consistent with it) sigh. But whenever I have spare times, I do the layout for the next pages.

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