A Trip To Manila

Hello everyone! Before the year ends, I want to make a blog post about me and my best friends’ (Rain and Andreana) adventure in Manila! So Manila is the capital of the Philippines and we rarely go there. Since I live in a province, it’s kinda new to roam around a city. So we’ll share our adventure with you! These will be detailed so I’m thanking you in advance if you reached the end. 

DAY 1. Saturday, 3rd of December, 2016.

My mom was hesitant to let me go. She knew I wasn’t familiar in that place yet and I’m not really good with people. But I managed to get her approval when I told her I’m gonna visit schools because I’m entering my senior high school next school year which is probably June 2017.

We rode a bus. It was a four-hour ride but it would only take one to two hours if there’s no traffic. My heart was filled with excitement. It’s the very first time I’m wandering around Manila without my parents. It was only me and my best friend, Rain. After that four-hour ride, we rode a jeepney going through the MRT/LRT which are the train stations.

We ought to go at the MRT since we’re going in the Northen part of Manila. There were too many people in the MRT station and I was feeling anxious and panicky. I remember my heart beating so fast because I don’t really know what to do. But Rain was quite familiar to it since she and her mom often goes in Manila. So I just followed her. She bought two tickets to Quezon City.

It was quite a long ride and there were too many people. But I managed to get it. It was refreshing when we finally stopped to Quezon Avenue and that’s where we started adventuring. We looked for the school that my mom wants me to visit, but the guard told us that school offices are closed since it’s Saturday. And I hated it. We came all the way through there and that was a good welcome. Brr. 

It was around 15:00 that time when we decided to leave Quezon. We have nowhere else to go so we decided to go in SM Mall of Asia, the biggest mall in the Philippines I suppose. I swear I’d get lost at this place. We first ate in Krispy Kreme and then we decided to go to the Seaside.

Since it’s already afternoon, we decided to wait for the sunset. Whilst waiting, Rain and I talked about our other friends and how we’d love to go there with them.

The sunset was very beautiful. It calmed me. It was so peaceful.

After sunset, we had nowhere else to go so we roamed around Mall of Asia again. We were about to search for the ice skating rink but we found something else. A free Coca-Cola concert. It was free because of Christmas.

The bands that played were so cool. But we didn’t manage to finish the concert because Rain’s mom were already there to fetch us. I got excited when Rain’s mom told us that we’re going in Makati, to the festival of lights.

And I was surprised by the sight. It was so beautiful.

We watched the dancing lights and decided to have dinner at Mcdonalds.

DAY 2. Sunday, 4th of December, 2016.

We got up early. Mainly because Rain will be taking an entrance test in a famous university here. I am excited, too, of course. Because I’d get to roam around UST (University of Sto. Tomas) and wander alone.

I’d say it was fun but actually a bit boring! I waited alone for four hours, which seriously drived me nuts. Four long hours. Alone. I mean, I really like being alone but not that long. So after UST, we went to Luneta Park.

After that, we went to Divisoria to shop a little because we have no clothes left and then searched for a place to end the night.

Days 3 and 4.

Andreana came with us on our 3rd stay. We don’t really have pictures anymore. We just keep on visiting schools to see what’s best for us. It was still an exciting adventure because we’re not familiar with the place and it’s nice to know good unfamiliar people that would help us get in where we wanna go.

And a fun fact, we rode in the wrong train! That was surely a waste of money since we’re getting really short in it. But finally, we arrived home safe and sound.

Wahey for this long post! This will be the last for today but I’ll see you again in the next one. Bye!


10 thoughts on “A Trip To Manila

  1. Hi lil blogger sis! I’m so glad that you were able to go to MOA and Ayala Triangle Gardens (Lights and Sounds). Those are actually 2 must-see places here in the city. It’s good to know what you’ve been up to, and I love the pics! Especially the sunset photo. It’s so beautiful.

    If you ever end up living in the city for college or afterwards, I hope we can meet up. I simply love BGC, Taguig (where I work). There’s so much to see here, so I’d love to show you around! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. thelostmango

    Love the posts and photos!I’m Filipina! I just posted my Netherland trip post! Very short! I’ll post more photos tomorrow! I have my Italy, London, and Switzerland posts up too! Let’s keep connected! Are you planning on traveling anytime soon? XOXO https://thelostmango.wordpress.com/

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