Blogmas: Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Head on to the nearest mall in your town and buy gifts because Christmas is only 3 days away!! Can you imagine?! Time has gone by so fast! 

So for today’s post, I’ll share my last minute Christmas gift ideas with you all. These will all be below 30 USD or 1,500 Php. 


Anything cute would be okay for girls. But to give you some ideas, scroll down below. It would be nice to give your mums or aunts body creams or perfumes. 


Choosing gifts for boys are a pretty hard one! You’ll never know what they want! But below are some ideas that I thought of because men likes these ones.

That’s it! Hope this somehow helped you. I kind of rushed this post because I’m really not feeling well and my eyes hurt. 

Happy holidays! See you on next post.

Note: Photos are not mine! Credits to their rightful owners.


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