Blogmas: Childhood Christmas Beliefs

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting for 2 days! When I started Blogmas, I know the posts should be consecutive. One post per day. But I am badly running out of ideas and I’ve been kinda busy for the past two days! 
So for today’s post, I will just share my funny childhood Christmas beliefs to all of you and tackle on how I stopped believing in them. 

1. Santa Claus and his reindeers

I really believed in Santa! Back then (when I was 5 or 6) , whenever Christmas is approaching, I try my best to be a very good girl. My mum made me believe that Santa will appear to me if I become a good girl. And honestly, I really fancied meeting Santa. In my childhood days, the stories about Santa are such a fancy. Like he will give me whatever I want if I become a good girl. I remember watching the sky at night to see if Santa will pass by our house with his reindeers. But the sad truth is, he never showed up. Lol.

I stopped believing in Santa when I was 7 (I suppose). My classmates told me that they don’t believe in Santa and that he isn’t real. So that’s the time where I said good-bye to Santa. 

2. Money in socks

I don’t know how old I am when this happened (maybe 5 or 6 as well) but…

Mum and dad told me to hang up a sock on my window because Santa will put money in it. And so I did. I hung up a sock at the top of my window and when Christmas day came, I checked the sock and there was money in it! I was shook that time! My thoughts were: oh my gosh! Santa came in my room while I was asleep/ I shouldn’t have slept! Santa put money in my sock!/ Santa came into my bedroom, can’t be real! / I have money for today, hooray!

But then the year after that, Christmas Eve, I hung up a sock on my window again.

I waited (really waited) for Santa to sneak in my room because he’ll put money in my sock. But. I was disappointed when I saw my parents putting money in it. They were the ones who puts money in the sock! I caught them! 

I stopped believing that Santa puts money in my sock after catching my parents sneak up in my room. I don’t know what I really felt that time but it is so funny right now, to reminisce memories! 

So, that’s it! I’m sorry if this is just a short post. I can’t think of any more funny Christmas beliefs I had. I’m sure it’s just me being lazy to think but I’m certain there are more funny beliefs! 

How about you? What were your funny childhood Christmas beliefs? Please comment down below! 

See you next post, 

Jirah Merizz.


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