Blogmas: Christmas Traditions

Hello and welcome to the third post of this year’s blogmas! I still have school tomorrow so this will be a short post. Let’s get started! 

Since I’m Catholic and living in the Philippines, we always have this tradition to attend mass every night for 9 times. It starts at December 15 and ends at December 24. Every 24th, there are programs in the church like roleplaying the birth of Christ, singing, dancing and the night ends with a mass. If I remember correctly, the mass ends at 12 am, which is already Christmas day! The tradition to attend mass is called Simbang Gabi. And if you complete the 10 nights of Simbang Gabi, you can make a wish to God and wait for it to happen. 

At 25th, as usual, we wake up, we prepare, and we go to the neighbourhood’s houses to visit everyone, literally like everyone. We’d eat there and elder people gives the children money or gifts. After we stroll around the neigbourhood, we go to my grandparent’s house and celebrate Christmas there until night. There are food, karaoke and our whole clan gathers together at my grandparent’s house. 

After Christmas, 26th, we go to a certain place like malls, parks and arcades to enjoy ourselves. But usually, we go to the mall and watch a good movie (like last year). I hope we go camping somewhere else this time. 

So that’s it for my Christmas Traditions! How about you? What are your Christmas Traditions? If you’ve already made a blog post about it, comment down below. I’d like to know! Anyway, thanks for dropping by. x

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