Blogmas: Christmas Wishlist

Welcome to this month’s mini series, blogmas. I know I’m quite late for this and I didn’t start at December 1st but I’m fine with it. I’ve scheduled some posts already so I think it wouldn’t be a hassle. (It’s not our Christmas vacation yet so… :((.) So let’s start with my wishlist! (I know I won’t get the following so I really wish for it, lol.)
1. Girl Online Going Solo

I really want this book! It’s hard to find Youtubers’ books here in the Philippines and I am not used in buying online (I don’t even know how lol) so I think I’ll just wait. Fun fact, I just bought Girl Online On Tour last week. I saw it on a bookstore so I immediately bought it.

2. Zoella Classic Collection

Honestly, any Zoella beauty range would pleasure me. THIS IS CERTAINLY NOT AVAILABLE IN OUR COUNTRY AND IT MAKES ME SAD. I want to try any Zoella beauty product so I add this to my wishlist.

3. Zoella Lifestyleย 

Oh, I really want these especially the stationery and the scented candles. *cries in a corner*

4. Converseย 

The new colors of Converse has been trending in the internet. I say that I’m actually inlove, especially with the last one on the picture. I love pastels.

5. Letters

Letters are my favourite thing to receive. It just says a lot and it is fun and somehow emotional to read. The picture above are the letters that I got last 21st of November, my 16th birthday.

So there’s it. That’s my wishlist for this year! Thank you for reading. I hope you’re having a good time wherever you are. x

Note: I do not own the pictures above except for the featured photo and the last picture.


18 thoughts on “Blogmas: Christmas Wishlist

  1. Ahh, this wishlist is so cute! I literally just got GO: On Tour and a Zoella purse, and I absolutely love her range! BTW, I love the blog and hope you had a wonderful Christmas! โค x

  2. Aw I really hope that Zoella’s products are available here. It’s kinda hard to get her products in my country. Thank you! Wish you had a wonderful Christmas as well! โค

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