Talkish Thursday: Fighting Depression

Hello everyone! So yeah, Talkish Thursday starts today!! (Talkish is not really a word haha forgive me, I can’t think of other and I want something that starts with the letter T and ends with ish, so yeah, that came up.)

Before I start, I want to welcome you on this little blogging series! I tackled this series on my latest blog post but I suppose it deserves a proper introduction.

What is Talkish Thursday? It is a blogging series in which I am given a question to answer. All I need to do is answer it truthfully and elaborate it, I also need to pinpoint things so yeah, I hope this works out! That’s it, let’s start!! 

My friends gave me a question, I kinda forced them because they’re not into blogging. Lol. So here it is.

How do you fight depression? 

Okay, honestly, I often get depressed. There are times where I am just sitting alone in my room, facing the wall then suddenly, tears starts falling in my face. I didn’t know what to do at those times, I can’t talk about this with my parents so I just sit, I let myself finish the negative thoughts and then later on, I’ll do something I love (reading, journaling and taking a shower.) If you often get depressed too, taking a shower would help.

Sometimes, I cuddle with my cat and my puppies and it would light up my mood, somehow. I talk to them, I really do. I can tell them anything I want without them judging me in return. Sometimes I just need to let it all out so talking to them is the easiest way. Their presence comforts me and it doesn’t make me feel like I’m alone.

If I can’t take it anymore and needs someone to advise me, I talk to my friends. I have a new friend, he’s not my classmate and we only started talking last June but I feel comfortable telling what I feel to him. He really helps. Sometimes I would chat him help and he knew what’s going on. He starts to give me advise and I just read it. He doesn’t really know what’s going on with me, I just tell him that I am depressed and I need help and he started composing crazy long messages that uplifts my mood. And the best parts of his messages was that I am not alone, God is always with me. And then I end up smiling, erasing every negative thoughts of mine. 

Praying also helps, I promise, it does. It seems like when you’re praying, God is already by your side comforting you. And I just love that feeling.

How about you? How do you fight depression? Please let me know in the comments below so I could use that as well. And you can also ask me a question to answer for the next Talkish Thursday. 

Thank you so much for reading! ‘Til next post! 


22 thoughts on “Talkish Thursday: Fighting Depression

  1. I have suffered from severe depression for nearly two decades. Medication is sometimes needed in the roughest of times, though I do try to stick to the simpler things, just to be as human as possible. I indulge in coffee, and give sweet kisses to my daughters. I try to get crafty, creativity is my biggest inspiration. And I write, I write out the negative thoughts so that they are out of me, and toss them away. Counseling also has been a huge help throughout my entire journey.

  2. Oh god… I think the way to fight depression is doing the things that you love, like writing. Writing would express everything so would light up your mood. I haven’t been in a severe depression but I would be happy to help you overcome it x

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  5. I like Talkish Thursdays! This was such an honest post.. It’s quite difficult to have depression.. if it gets too severe that it affects life… one should seek professional help.

    Having good support from people around helps too. ❤

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