June Favourites 2016

Hello, everyone.

This won’t be lengthy unlike my previous favourites for I can’t remember the monthly moments I had this June.


June 13, 2016 – This was our first day of school. Of course, this is memorable for I can still remember the first greetings and expressions I’ve shared with my new teachers.

June 20, 2016 – My circle of friends, Potx, are now okay again. We’re finally back together, as one. This day is just so memorable!

June 21, 2016 – We went on our friend’s house to celebrate Potx’s 18th monthsary. This day was so full of happiness, and words fail to express my gratitude for them. I am so lucky to have them as my friends.

I guess that’s all for monthly moments. I really can’t remember anything. I think I’ve been stressed with all the school works and everything.


I am so inlove with Little Mix’s album, Get Weird! I’m not really a fan of Little Mix but I am really inlove with all of their songs. Aside from Secret Love Song, I also love Love Me Or Leave Me. Those two songs are just perfect.

I also love Can’t Help Falling Inlove With You by Elvis for I am currently obsessed with The Conjuring 2.


I can say that I am probably inlove with The Conjuring 2. Haha yes. It wasn’t that scary and the Warrens made me feel inlove. They are legends.


Dispareo by Serialsleeper on Wattpad. It is a Tagalog story and it is not a published book, it’s just on Wattpad but I really wish it becomes a published book soon.


I will make a separate blog post about this. The weather in our country is unpredictable because sometimes it’s so cold and sometimes it’s not. So I can’t predict what to wear as well. So watch out for this because I’ll be posting pictures!

That’s all for now. And also, I am writing a story on Wattpad. The genre is Sci-Fi and it is a bit dystopian. Comment down if you want to know what I’ve been working on. Haha x

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you’re happy wherever you are,



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