Biggest love to Christina Grimmie

Hello, dudes.

This is my second post for today, sorry. But I badly wanted to let all of my emotions out. I don’t know. The only thing I knew about the Team Grimmie leader is that a man went through her and shot her three times, and her brother tackled the shooter, and the shooter fatally shot himself. 

What a cruel world it is. 

I was totally happy yesterday but I came to twitter and I saw the trending hashtag, #PrayForChristina. So of course, I checked what was happening. And then I saw an article that Grimmie was shot by a man, in front of her, three times. At that moment, I was feeling sad and angry and afraid. Afraid of humanity. It’s hard to think of this anymore but I still believe that humanity still has hope.

I love Christina. I started watching her Youtube covers way back 2012. I supported her. I download every videos of her singing in The Voice. Because even if you’re a fan or not, you can’t deny that Christina has an incredulous voice. Her voice is unreal, and everytime I hear her sing, goosebumps all the way. 

I immediately went to Youtube after hearing the news. I watched everything, her covers, her Above All That Is Random segment, The Voice videos, everything. And I can’t help but cry. She doesn’t deserve to die at that young age. That was too soon, love. Too soon. But I went pass through her cover which is In Christ Alone, I was scrolling through the comments section until I saw one comment that made me stop crying.

“She’s a Christian which means she still lives <3” 

That comment honestly made me feel better.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to hear her sing live, or even just meet her. But as Christina says in her tweet, God has a plan for everything. And I believe He really has.

Heaven gained another Angel. Atleast in heaven, she’ll be safe and sound. No one could hurt her anymore. I love you, Christina. You’ll stay as an inspiration to me and to everyone out there. My biggest love for you. 

I hope her family is okay. 

Sorry for the lengthy post. I need to let it out.

See you,


6 thoughts on “Biggest love to Christina Grimmie

  1. Oh my glob.
    Bless you.
    I saw another tweet from her that said: “God, when I die can I come back as an elf? Pleeeaaase?”
    That one made me cry so hard.

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