Internet Best Friends

Hello, dudes! I’m back. Again, sorry for being inactive. I’ve been missing a lot, and I’m not fine with it. I hate it because I love blogging so much and I like reading all of your posts. To the new followers of my blog, welcome! Yay! I’m looking forward to interact with y’all.

So I’m gonna post a random rambling today. But the format of the post now isn’t the same as the last one. And I’m focusing on one topic only. About Internet Best Friends.

So here. . .

Lately, I’ve been having lots of online friends (on twitter). Some of them are just so nice and supportive, some are the exact opposite, some are two-faced. 

Two-faced because, they tweet nice stuffs and everything, they tweet about positivity, but when they are already in a group dm, that’s where they will show their true colours. And dang, it’s insane. Yes, this is based on my experience. I have my internet friend, let’s call her Icy, she was really nice. We were in the same groupchat. But then one member of the gc kept on adding and adding people. We were all panicking and making them stop. Raz and Lily was added on the gc. We don’t really know them at all.

But Raz said to Icy, shut the fuck up, Icy. 

I was just really pissed that time. So I visited Raz’s twitter account and all of her tweets are so nice! All about positivity and no bad words, at all! So there, I was quite surprised on how she acted. Of course, I defended Icy’s back because she was my friend. Lily, one of Raz’s colleagues was also messing the gc. We were all so annoyed because it was OUR gc!

After that, Lily left. The storm calmed down. So I messaged on the chat, good thing, she left. And then after awhile, my notifs are all blowj up. All of Raz and Lily’s colleagues are attacking me and Icy. They were spreading false rumours about us and ugh I hate it so much.

Moral lesson: be careful on whom you talk to on the internet. 

So moving on. . .

You can still find good and nice friends in twitter. I have. And I treat them all as my real best friends. I can tell them everything and they won’t judge. It’s sooo like blogging so I am enjoying twitter as well. 

How about you? Have you found nice friends on the social media?

I tell you, they can help. When Raz and Lily was attacking us, I literally had a panic attack for like 30-45 seconds. My friends were telling me to calm down and they gave nice tips. So thankful for them. 

So I hope you enjoyed this lengthy post. Sorry, I missed writing a blog post so much! 😦
Twitter: @jirahmerizz

Instagram: jirahmerizz

I wish you all are having a good time, whether you are at school, or at home laying in your bed, make your day amazing. Love lots and see you next post,


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