March Favourites 2016

Hi, dudes! Why’s time so fast? Ahh. I don’t even know. But hey, it’s our summer vacation here! It’s nice to take a break from school for awhile.

I have no really nice photo that compiles my March favourites. I’m too lazy so I googled it instead. Mehehe >:)

Beauty & skincare.


Haha I’m silly. But I’m never too old for Johnson’s products! Yes, I use it all. There’s always a baby name on it. But it’s really good for the skin! I apply it after taking a bath and every night. It’s so good! It works so well on my skin! 


Ever bilena advance lip & cheek stain. I’m soooo loving this one! I wear it everytime I go outside. I think I’ve also mentioned this on my February Favourites. It’s really great.

That’s all for the beauty favourites. I haven’t got anything new this month so yea.



I’ve read this book again this month. I love it. Even though I’ve read it a couple of times, the feels are still there, are always there. I’ll add this to my March Favourites because why not.


To read my current favourite adventure, please click here.

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