A Little Anxiety Post

Hello everyone! I am really happy today. (I don’t know why tbh. Haha.)

So anyways, I’ve reached 40 followers. Wow!! A huge thanks to all of you. I can’t express my gratitude anymore. I’ll be sending all of you lots of love and hugs! This is my 88th day today in WordPress. And this will be my 27th post! Haha I don’t know why I’m telling this to you. I’m just really happy!!

Lemme tell you something, this blog happened. Jirah Merizz happened. Because of this blog, I was able to express my feelings with no doubts. This is like my open diary. And because of this, I’ve also made online friends. All of you are supporting and lovely. Thank you!!!!

Sometimes I feel like I’m a senseless blogger… but I’ll be removing that thought now. Haha I don’t reaaally know why I’m happy today. Just because? Maybe because I’ve got 40 followers? Lol. 

Anyways, can I ask you something? Is my theme okay? If not, please tell me what theme to use. (The organized and simple one.) Please comment down below!! I’m getting tired of my layout, so I might as well change it. 

And… here’s something I would like to share to all of you suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. 





I hope it somehow helped you. I saw that on twitter and it really had an effect on me. 

And if you’re wondering about my blogging schedule, I don’t really have a particular day on when to post blogposts. But.. I mostly post during Saturday. X

Twitter: @jirahmerizz

Instagram: jirahmerizz

See you,


42 thoughts on “A Little Anxiety Post

  1. Well if you’re using mobile and you don’t have a sidebar, then it won’t show, but if you do have a sidebar, it will appear at the bottom (you will need to make sure your settings aren’t on infinite scroll). There’s no sidebar on the computer at the moment, but it looks fine, you don’t have to add one if you don’t think it’s needed.

  2. jisimpx

    Thank you so much for the suggestion, I’ll try to configure it and add some sidebar. Thank you so much! Xx

  3. CONGRATS’ 🎉 you deserve it! Did you check out my “how to get more WP followers”? It could help!

    I overthink all the time 😞!

    I love the pic you used to separate the pics! I wish I could make one!

  4. I used to have the button theme like you, but then changed it so Sela as I liked the posts to show fully!

    I agree with @Annabeth, and widgets are so cool! They personalise a lot, and help! I spent ages figuring out my ones!

  5. jisimpx

    Aww thank you so much! Love you! X
    I don’t own the pictures. I googled it. XD
    And sure, I’ll check your blogpost! Xx

  6. jisimpx

    That’s what I am thinking too, I’d like the posts to show fully. I am so confused right now 😦 lolll

  7. jisimpx

    Thank you so much! You don’t know how much happy I am receiving comments like that! You’re so nice. 💗

  8. Hello, love your blog! I have anxiety too, and it’s so comforting to know I’m not alone. Thank you for writing this blog post. So jealous you have summer now!! Right now it’s cold and raining and I’m sat in bed hahaha. Anyways, looking forward to seeing more posts. Love, Zoē

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