Random Ramblings

Random Ramblings

Have you ever wondered where the stars fall down? Have you ever wondered what’s up in the universe? Do you think we’re alone? Do you think we’re not alone? Me, I think we’re not alone. There may be some other creatures up there. I don’t really know. I like thinking what’s up there. But then I end up with conflicted and complicated thoughts.

How beautiful is it up in the universe? This, is another conflicted thought. Some part of Science says that there is no light in the universe. Some part says it has many bright lights. Me, I chose to believe the latter one. Haha, in Genesis, God said, let there be light. So there is light. (Yes, I’m religious.) 


This just came up on my mind right now:

What if society isn’t ugly? What if schools care about mental health? What if there are no judgmental people around you? How are we really free in the society? What about anxiety and panic attacks? 

Sigh. I’m having a debate on my mind right now. Lmao, I shouldn’t have come up with this idea. Ha-ha. I feel like my mind is exploding with thoughts so I should stop right here. I hate myself. XD

I’ll share a quote with you. This quote is so random but it is somehow related to my ramblings. (The last part of my thoughts.)

Nobody dies a virgin. Life fucks us all. โ€” Kurt Cobain. 

Last post for today. See you next week. (Prolly Saturday.)

ANYWAY IT ‘S MY DAD’S BIRTHDAY TODAY!! Happy birthday to the most amazing man I know. I love you loads. 13 is a lucky number for him so it is my lucky number too as well. X

See you all,


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