Educational Trip (March 2016)

Hello!! I can’t really, I just can’t really hold back the feels. I was really happy yesterday.

I woke up at 4am because the time we’re supposed to leave is 5am. I was there on time but what happened was, we left the school at 6:30am, somewhat like that.

First spot was Gardenia. Our section, Banzon, was still complete that time. We can’t separate with each other though. Anyways, nothing much really happened in Gardenia. Next stop was Mind Museum. Mind Museum was located on Bonifacio Global City or BGC which is seriously a cool place. I wanna go back there!

There are so many cool things in Mind Museum. All about Science. ALL ABOUT BRANCHES OF SCIENCE! It was really cool. We explored the museum for an hour. I’ve had this tiny little crush with one guy, and I’ve got to have a picture with him. I was really embarassed, my classmates pushed me. 

Here are the photos in Mind Museum: (I didn’t edit the pictures below because I’m lazy lol)

Next stop is.. Enchanted Kingdom! The kingdom where everything’s magical. 

That was our last stop, Enchanted Kingdom.

The whole Banzon told us to stay with one another to go in Kubot. A horror place in Enchanted Kingdom. My best friend Rain, and I went to the CR. We were expecting everyone out in the resting place under the tree, but they were all gone. Sucks. Banzon left us. Even our boys left us. (If you know what I mean lol. Read my Happy Hearts Month post so you’ll get to know more of my group.)

We were so pissed. But then we decided to be on our own too.

First ride was Jungle Og-Jam. We really wanted to get wet because of the very sunny weather. It was really hot! And yup, that extreme ride made us wet. Next was Rio Grande, another ride which will make us wet. 

I was with two other guys. Name them, Dora and Piglet. Haha no offense because Dora and Piglet wouldn’t be offended too. Lol. We were trying Rio Grande again when Shampoo, Blossom and Lelouch came. They’re all boys. Don’t be confused with the nicknames. Hahahaha I used those because it was their nicknames in our groupchat.

We were on the line to try Rio Grande again when Shampoo cheated on the line. That was the start of our bond together. Mind you, they were not friends with us. They’re also not my classmates. We’re just some.. sort of accompanies. 

And I can say, I really enjoyed their company. Rio Grande was just the start. We tried many other extreme rides. 

Later on that night, I thanked them. (Darn, it was really okay that the group left us. We’ve had so much fun around those powerpuff boys.) I was happy with fulfillment. Everyone else did, too. We became friends with each other after that

Right now, I can’t really believe that those things happened yesterday. 


I hope you enjoyed this crazy long post.

See you,



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