Happy Hearts Month! 

Hello, it’s Ji, again. I wrote this last February 15, 2016 (Monday) but I decided to post it today. Here’s my piece of advice to everyone plus my experiences this past few days. 

Happy Valentine’s or Happy Hearts Month everyone!! 

If you’re single, don’t worry. I am, too. Hahahaha. So kidding aside, don’t worry if you’re single. Someone out there would find you and accept you for who you are. Learn to wait. Because great things take time. Besides, being single is great. You could crush other guys out without making someone jealous, like that. You’re free to everything. 

And if you’re in a relationship, congrats. 😅 Kidding. If you’re in a relationship, please understand your girlfriend or boyfriend. Boys, other girls wants flowers, other girls doesn’t. So know what your girlfriend wants and you’ll surely win her heart. Take care of your girlfriends..and girls, do the same thing too. Boys might be possessive and jelly but that’s because they love you. Understand one another and you’ll do great.

If you’re in a mutual understanding case, don’t worry. Prove to one another that you deserve each other and who knows, you guys might get official. Somehow, if you’re in the stage of MU, it’s so complicated. Like, you guys like each other but doesn’t want to commit. For example: 

Girl: “Who was that another girl you’re talking to?”

Boy: “Just a friend..”

Girl: *can’t express her feelings* “I’m jealo–oh, I talked to Calvin the other day blah blah blah

Boy: “Hey, is there really an us? Are we really..”

Girl: “I don’t know.”

I hope you guys would get what I mean. Hahahahaha! Because if you’re really in this stage, it’s very complicated but once he starts courting you, everything will get better… Oh, it depends.

Next is, I’ll be sharing my experiences this week. Today (January 15, 2016) was a very cool day!! First, my guy friend goes into our room with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. We thought that the flowers were for his girlfriend, so we didn’t mind.

6 girls and 5 boys. We called ourselves “Potx”.

So Potx is my group. I tell you, the five boys are ideal. Fingers crossed! 

At our dismissal time, the boys are so uneasy and they are really noisy. Us, girls, was pissed and we decided to go home first. The boys are still following us and when we reached the ground floor, they gave us roses.

Gosh, we’re speechless!! All those time, I thought the roses are for their girlfriends. So we are really shocked when they gave it to us. They’re the sweetest boys ever I promise. And whoever will become their girlfriends, they’re so damn lucky. Our boys are good-looking and thoughtful, so they’re a big catch. 😂

See you next post,


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