My 2016 Goals 

Hello!! I’m back with another blog post. 💖

2015 has been a pretty good year for me. I gained friends and I sorted out who’s true or not. Anyway, 2015 is the year I joined the fangirling community in twitter and the book community in Instagram. 2015 is also the year where I made this blog. 

So.. 2015 is over!!! 

2016 is now here. And this 2016, I would like to share my goals with you. 

Let’s promise together that 2016 will be our year! 💞

2016 Goals

1. Study more in school. This is my third year in high school. Everything’s fine.. no, rephrase that. I don’t care about school. I don’t care about the lessons. I don’t care about the requirements. And I swear, I am not like this. I’m not the one who always says come what may, I am not! When I was in elementary, I have the highest grades, always on top and then when I reached high school, everything changed. Maybe because I just really don’t care. So this year, I will study hard. I will and I promise that. 

2. Have and read more books!! So this 2016, I need to buy 50 books. 50 books or more. But 50 books is the estimated number of books I should buy. It can be more, but it cannot be less. That’s my book goal for this year! I hope to achieve it. 

3. Have money savings. Yup, this is really one of my goals. Last year, I have no, totally, I have no savings. All I do is to buy and buy. Buy foods in school because I’m always hungry. I know I’m not the only one. 😔 But this year, I will save money. I promise. 

4. Be active in my social accounts. I have few real friends in real life. I think I have more friends in twitter. I am seriously not friendly in real life. And I would not change that because I like who I am that way. No issues and everything. I may not be known but I really like that. I am not an introvert. I just choose real friends. And I’m thankful for the 11 people in my life that made my 2015 better. Those 11 people are my real friends. ☺️ 

And I would also like to blog more. I am suddenly inlove with blogging. Maybe soon, I would do vlogs too. 😂

5. Have more time with the family and the whole clan. Seriously guys, you wouldn’t be like that if you have no family with you. Family is one of the most important people in life God has ever gave to you and me. Please, if you have troubles with your family, I hope that this 2016, everything will be better. So.. this is one of my 2016 goals. Spend more time with family, with cousins, with grandparents and my aunties. 💖

6. Other not so possible goals. 

  • Meet The Vamps and Youtubers or any of my favourites, this is one of my goals but its really not so possible to happen. I don’t live in Manila where my favourites always go, or have concerts. I even need to travel 3 hours but 4 hours away because of traffic. And, my mom won’t allow me to go in Manila alone. 
  • Travel or have adventures around the Philippines. I am not rich, but this is one of my goals. To have adventures around the mountains, around the seas, and around the historical places in PH. 
  • Travel other countries which will be not so possible. 😂😢 I avoid saying impossible because with God, nothing is impossible. And I believe it will happen to me. Who knows, maybe tomorrow, maybe next month or maybe next year.
  • Meet my twitter friends. ☺️

So.. there’s it. There’s my goals for 2016.

How about yours?

Anyway, interact with me in twitter. 

Happy new year!!!!

See you,


4 thoughts on “My 2016 Goals 

  1. My book goals are more reading than buying related – I have a full double-stacked shelf of books I own but haven’t read yet! I want to have finished 52 books by the end of the year 🙂

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