3AM Adventure!

Hello, I would like to share something that made me happy this 2015. (This is one of the best roadtrips this year ever!) 

My cousins boozed. They are a little bit tipsy. I don’t drink, they just let me shot, one or two shots somewhat like that. So yeah, they’re a little bit tipsy. They decided to go outside, have a roadtrip. Sooo… we made our way to open the gates secretly because my cousin’s parents might wake up. We carefully opened the gate to drive the car outside. But… we were caught. I thought she won’t allow us but due to drowsiness and us being naughty and such, she agreed. She just told us to drive safely. 

And yey! We hit the road! 

First destination was the gotohan near the parish church. The gotohan is open 24 hours. We didn’t expect that there will be other people in the gotohan, too. I thought we have the craziest trips, but nah, other people in the gotohan are partying using their car’s amplifier. πŸ˜‚ So, after gotohan, we can’t decide where to go next. We’re all freezing out. Tagaytay isn’t that humid in Philippines. So yeah, we’re freezing. 

We can’t decide yet, my cousins suggested Starbucks or any other cafΓ© or pizza parlor here in Tagaytay. But we don’t have any money because this trip ain’t planned. It just came suddenly. Then my one cousin suggested to go in the Palace. If you’re from Tagaytay, you’ll call People’s Park In The Sky as Palace. We all agreed because this will be so new to us. We’ve never been up there at midnight. This will be the first time. 

When we’re on our way, all of us gets excited. And when we reached the highermost part of Tagaytay, which is the Palace, we’re all happy. There are also strangers up there that are partying. But one thing I can say, it’s freaking cold up there. My cousins has no jackets or sweaters, lucky me, I brought a jacket. But even though I have my jacket on, I can still feel the cold wind brushing up against our skin. 

We checked at the time and it was quarter to three! I insisted to stay up there ’til the sunrise comes but they don’t wanna. Besides, Rio has still work. Rio isn’t totally my cousin, but he’s somehow part of the family so yeah. 

When we’re on our way home, the drivers stopped at the mango tree. They turned the car lights off so we, the girls, are scared. There are so many horror stories in that mango tree. The boys kept scaring us, telling us that there’s someone with white dress and long hair is present. We screamed. 

Then one of my oldest cousins told us that there might be someone who’ll pass the road. The road is curvy so yeah, that’s how we got home. 


This is one of my favourite adventures ever! Anyway, the mango tree isn’t up in the Palace. It is on our way home which is pretty far from Palace. The photo attached is the People’s Park In The Sky, (Palace, rather), it’s a historical urban tourist spot here in Tagaytay. 😊 Tweet me if you have been up there or if you wanna be or if you will go up there. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, we slept at 4am and Rio continued to work. He didn’t sleep. I pity him, haha!

While writing this, I’m smiling af. I can remember the memories. Too bad, we don’t have any pictures due to dark light. 

What do you wanna see in my next blog post? 


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