This December…

I will share to you what I did this December! πŸŽ„

At the end of November, I suppose, we will all get ready and excited for Christmas! But well, I didn’t. I just started to get Christmassy when our school finally dismissed us to a vacation. There’s a typhoon that time so our Christmas break was early. πŸ‘πŸ» At the Christmas break, I did nothing but to surf the net, tweet and of course, watch Youtube!

This is the season where my favorite people gets excited. As in, most of them! I watch #24DaysOfZoella everyday and the Vlogmas. And of course, after watching, I always get Christmassy. It made me ready for Christmas! πŸ’–

We strolled around the malls, shopped, look for clothes to wear on Christmas and such. Momma bought me bunch of books..and clothes! Which I’m really grateful of. Same rituals everyday. Sleep. Eat. Tweet. Watch. Read. Or go window shopping. πŸ˜›

Sadly, I didn’t get to attend any Christmas party because our school’s Christmas party was postponed due to the typhoon. (Sucks, i was so ready for it!) But me and my cousins hanged out a lot!! We’re the type of relatives who doesn’t get annoyed to each other. We’re super duper close. And I’m happy that we’re like that.
December 20, 2015 12:30 AM

My cousin, Jas, surprised her girlfriend for her birthday. Jas did everything to make her annoyed. They even broke up. And yeah, that was the plan. We drove all the way to her girlfriend’s house. We bought a Starbucks cake and a bouquet of flowers. She didn’t expect us to be there. She’s so happy that time. I salute Jas for that! 😏 Anyway, there were four of us who surprised her. And we’re all cousins. ☺️
December 24, 2015 (around 8PM-12AM)

We went to church. Of course we must!! Jesus is the main reason for this season. Not Santa or anyone else. We offered something that would help the church to continue their feeding program. The whole clan was with us! 3 families of the clan were missing but it’s okay, because 6 families were present, including our family! Our grandparents are also in the church so I’m damn happy. After the mass, we went to iur grandparents’ house we took a drink! πŸ˜…πŸ·
December 25, 2015

CHRISTMAS DAY!! πŸŽ„ Today was very special!! I want to share everything here in my blog but I’m really sleepy! Laters, guys! πŸ’ž

See you,


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