Bloggers Support Bloggers Challenge

This challenge is meant to spread the "bloggers support bloggers" idea which I think is a great way to spread love and communication in the community. WHAT IS BLOGGERS SUPPORT BLOGGERS CHALLENGE? This challenge was running in my mind for some time now and here it is, I finally published! So I made this challenge …

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Summer Evening Routine!

Okay so not too long ago, I've made myΒ summer morning routine and now, I'd also like to share my summer evening routine with you! This is what I do in most nights, but some nights I often tend to binge watch a lot of movies! So without further ado, let's get started! So my evening …

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Finally Letting Go Of Anxiety | Mental Health Awareness Month

There were a lot of situations that honestly affected me and caused me to be anxious. This is the first time I'm bringing this to you but when I was a kid, I remember being afraid of being locked in closed spaces--- I was claustrophobic. I first noticed that when my big brothers always tease …

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