Gone Too Soon

I’m sorry I haven’t posted yesterday. We’ve been through a big challenge yesterday– it was a long day. A very long day but the incidents were just so fast.

I was just at school yesterday. I was living the normal life. We were filming, talking about acads, practicing for our speech choir. Everything felt normal. Everything seemed normal.

But it wasn’t.

I was at home already when my mum texted me that my grandfather was in the hospital. I didn’t know that the situation was hard already. I didn’t know that my grandfather was fighting for his life already at that time. I didn’t know that most of my relatives are already weeping and praying for my grandfather.

Later at that night, we went to the hospital. He was no longer alive anymore. He was gone. But at least, at least, I got the chance to hold his hands for the last time before I see him in his burial. At least, I got the chance to say good bye.

I’ll no longer see him. He’ll no longer be in his favourite chair watching his favourite TV show. He was gone too soon. But I know it is God’s plan. It hurts, yes, but at least he’ll no longer experience the pain taking meds all the time. At least he’ll no longer be admitted to the hospital and taste bitter medicines. At least.. And I know, in heaven, he’ll be much more happier with the Father above.

We’ll miss you. I will miss you. I will love you always, Tatay. Good bye.


My (New) Favourite Youtubers!!!

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to another blog post. I’m quite doing well in posting everyday this October. I hope you guys are liking my post and if you have any post recommendations or suggestions, tell me and I would be glad to do it!

I know almost everyone of us now watches Youtube videos daily and are engaged in awesome Youtubers. You probably know Zoella, Alfie Deyes, PewDiePie, Miranda Sings, Lily Singh and a lot more! But here are my new all time favourite Youtubers– I enjoy their content a lot and admire them for their great personality.

Let’s start!

1. Exploring With Josh

I have been watching Josh’s videos foe quite a long time now. I first watched his video in Facebook, where he explored Aokigahara Suicide Forest and it honestly is my favourite video until now. I honestly won’t last a minute in that forest but Josh and his crew were so amazing. It’s so sad to see that people come to that forest to end their lives and seeing little slippers, umbrellas, backpacks in the forest were just insane. It’s just so..sad.

Anyway Josh’s main content is exploring abandoned places. He’s been through a lot and it’s just SO cool!! He explores and explores and sometimes risks his life for it but dang, you can see that he loves doing what he’s doing and you’ll end up admiring it!

I also love the trivia he gives about the places he goes to. It’s nice to know that he’s doing a bit research first before going and exploring an abandoned place. Because you don’t really know what’s in an abandoned place, there might be people living there or even a ghost. I’ve watched a video where he explores an asylum and the doors were closing and opening by itself and sometimes there’s an eerie voice you can hear! So creepy!

Anyway, if you’re a lover of mysteries, horror and abandoned places, you’ll definitely love Josh’s content!

2. ThatsBella

I think I have mentioned ThatsBella before in my posts. I started watching Bella’s videos when she was 14, I’ve been watching her videos a year now and she’s really improved a lot!! I enjoy her videos very much and anyway, she’s a Filipina! I admire her a lot and I quite want her skills in make up. She’s really good!

Bella vlogs about life, school, beauty, challenges and other fun stuff. She speaks English most of the time so it would be nice if you guys would give her a subscribe and watch her videos!

So far, my favourite video of her is her room tour. Her room is just so organised and I love the touch of copper in her room!! You guys can watch it here.

3. Luke Bowers

I definitely have a love hate relationship and I’m always torn whether to watch his videos or not. But nevertheless, he makes amazing content.

He’s from America and they moved out in the Philippines. Fun fact, Luke lives near my city and it’s like a “wow a Youtuber lives near me” feeling.

I definitely love his vlogs as it is very detailed.

So this is probably it. Thank you so much for reading!

Who is your favourite Youtuber?


Keep Going

Hello everyone!

Today’s post would be motivational as I’d like to motivate myself as well. I have been feeling so tired these past few days. If you’ve read my Make Oh-some October post, you probably know that I have a hectic schedule this October. All Saturdays and all Sundays of this month, I have something to do. Plus, exams time next week! I honestly need rest, and most importantly I need sleep. I haven’t been feeling well and I guess it’s also because of my thoughts already, so I want to make this motivational post, so you’ll be motivated and so that it will help me as well.

Let’s start!

All of the images are from Pinterest.

So this is it for today’s post. I personally love the last one, I find it so true!! Anyway sorry for this short post, we have two summative tests tomorrow– wish me luck!!

Which one of the quotes above do you like the most?


Personal Planner Free Printable!

Hello everyone!

So here’s as promised. This was supposed to be posted when I hosted the blog party but I couldn’t make the time to make it. But here it is now. It’s my first time to make a free printable so I hope you guys will like it!


Please click the link above and check out the PDF file! Here’s a sneak peek to see what’s inside!

The theme is fall– since most of you guys are experiencing fall right now and yeah, October is for fall!

Hope you all like the printable and tell me if you’ve printed a copy already or if you’re using it! It would feel amazing if you guys did! ❤

Wish me luck for my upcoming tests tomorrow! Sorry I can’t interact with you today because I really need to study. Ciao, grazie!! ❤


Write To Inspire: Judging People By Its Cover

Hello everyone!

So we’re done with all the party stuff– next After Party gal will be featured this Saturday so watch out. Anyway, for today’s post, I’d like to participate on msarora‘s Write To Inspire challenge. I really loved the idea and I also mentioned this to her so here I am!

Today, I will be talking about:

Judging The People By Its Cover

This is an exciting topic so let’s get started!

Earlier this day on our English test, I read a really good passage. I don’t clearly memorize everything but here’s the summarization of it:

A 23-year-old boy was on the way home with his father. A couple then was also present in the train. The boy was looking at his father, “look dad, the clouds are following us!” And then the couple was just staring. The boy said another thing similar to what have he said about the clouds and he was behaving childish and immature in the train. The couple asked the father, “why don’t you go and see a doctor for him?” The father smiled, “I just went to see the doctor earlier. He just got his eyes today, after 23 years of being blind.”

After reading, I was like, woah. It was such a good story. It made me realize one thing, people judge other people by what they see. Most of the people now judge another one by their cover, without personally knowing who they truly are.

This applies to everyone of us. I admit, I judge people for how they look. And it’s totally not a good attitude, I can’t stand for my opinions and believe what I want to believe without knowing who the person really is. For example, I’ve seen a girl with a black lipstick, black nails, short skirts and sleeveless shirt. I’ll be thinking that this girl is a btch but what if she’s just really like that? What if she dresses like that because she loves it and she’s just passionate about it?

I can’t just judge. You can’t just judge. We can’t just judge. We can’t just jump in to conclusions. It will hurt the person. And most especially, you’ll regret saying those things in the end.

Let us be careful in saying things about our neighbour. We don’t know what they’re going through so it’s better to keep our mouth shut. This may also lead to depression, anxiety and other mental illness. Trust me, I know the feeling of being depressed and anxious, I don’t want other people to experience it as well. It’s not a good feeling.

So as I’ve said, let us be mindful in everything we say. Don’t judge the book by it’s cover. Let us know the person first before saying anything about him or her.

Let us all be good neighbours to one another.

I hope I explained my points in this post. I’m really tired as of now since I finished a national achievement test and we were in school for like 12 hours– it’s so insane!! Some parts of our school were creepy because it’s already 6pm and it was really dark.

I hope you liked this post. See you in my next one!

Anyway you can also join the Write To Inspire challenge and choose your own topic. More details here.

Life · Series: After Party

After Party Series: Dreaming of Guatemala

Hello everyone!

Yay!! So this is it. As you might have guessed and seen in the title, yes– Maggie from Dreaming of Guatemala has been the most active blogger in my last blog party! Everyone has been so active and friendly, but Maggie was literally popping up of my notifications and she literally just invaded my notifs! Haha. Thank you so much, Maggie!

So let’s get started!!

Dreaming of Guatemala

I know most of you know Maggie already because she’s honestly one of the friendliest and nicest blogger in this community. She’s very supportive and she’s just so amazing.

Introduction about Maggie:

Maggie is currently 17 years old. Her blog is basically everything about her favourite things, accomplishments and the things that she love. She’s currently interested in learning the piano, watching old movies, studying various topics, researching famous people and completing her senior year. She’s currently on the 12th grade so way to go, Maggie! She also blogs to share His word and to share her faith and journey while she waits.

Why Dreaming of Guatemala?

The Lord called her to serve in Guatemala. She knows that she’ll be able to serve the Lord in Guatemala some day, and she’s happy with that. Read more about The Reason Behind The Name here.

Little Accomplishments

I personally love Maggie’s series of Little Accomplishments. It’s just nice to see what she has accomplished and sometimes it makes me want to do more stuff and celebrate it. Because according to Maggie:

Let’s celebrate all of life’s joys– nk matter how small it is!

And I think that’s amazing!

Here’s the link to Maggie’s latest Little Accomplishment post: Accomplishments Round-Up October 6th, 2017.

Spotlight Saturday

This is a really good series to introduce other bloggers to your followers. I also love this one because it’s like a question and answer portion where Maggie interviews you in mail and you’ll just answer. And I promise, talking to Maggie is personally is just amazing!

I once got featured in her Spotlight Saturday and you can read it here: Spotlight Saturday – Jirah from Jirah Merizz. The most recent post about Spotlight Saturday is: Spotlight Saturday – Maha from Be-you-tiful.

Fall OOTD #1: Comfy/Casual

Definitely one of my favourite posts of her ever! Here she shares her first ever outfit of the day post and I’m glad she did this for us because she really get self-conscious whenever someone’s taking a picture of her. So thank you, Maggie!

Bible Verses That Comfort Me

In this post she shares the verses that comfort her. I loved reading the post because her chosen verses also gave an impact to me. This is a must read!

And off to her most recent post:

Tour of my Pinterest

Here she tours us about her Pinterest profile, her boards and she discusses about each board. If you love Pinterest, then might as well read this!

To Maggie, thank you so much or always being there. And or being so active in my recent blog party, here’s a little gift for you from me with the help of Elline.

Hope you like these simple edits! I’ll email this to you for better quality!

So guys, go ahead and check out Maggie’s blog! I’m sure you’ll love her as much as I do! And she’ll definitely inspire you too!! ❤

Do you know Maggie? 🙂 What can you say about her amazing blog?


After Party

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to say thanks for being so awesome and for attending my blog party. Honestly, I didn’t know that many of you would come and drop a comment! I am honestly so happy! It was a huge huge success. The main reason why I started the party is for you guys to meet new friends and bloggers, and I think I succeeded in doing that! It also made other bloggers happy and making you guys happy are just so important to me. Thank you for being amazing!

Sadly, I won’t entertain any comments from the party anymore. It is officially over now and let’s just wait for another blog party to come!

I haven’t finished making the freebies. I’d like to be honest. I’m very sorry and I don’t really know when I can upload the freebie.

Anyway for a little announcement… I’m introducing you a new mini series!!

After Party Series

Every Saturday, I will feature a blogger who joined the party in my blog. You guys know who you are so just wait ’til I honour you here!! 🙂 But the first blogger will be featured tomorrow, Monday, 9th of October, and the blogger who will be featured tomorrow is the most active one in the party! 🙂

Hope I can make you guys happy!! Have an amazing day, everyone! Thanks again for cooperating!!