Favourite Verses – Genesis

As I have said in my recent posts, I have finished reading Genesis and it’s honestly the first time that I read the Bible voluntarily. During my elementary days, we were tasked to read the Bible and I just read. I was a kid back then, of course, and I didn’t know that I should take may readings seriously.

I have started reading Genesis at the 27th of November last year. And to tell you guys, I wasn’t just reading. I was also taking notes of all the important happenings and put it in my journal. Currently, I’ve used up 12 pages for my notes– I didn’t expect that I will really love the outcome.

It’s really fun and satisfying to read the Bible. Not that you’ll just learn, but you’ll also get to know God much more and that probably sums up everything.

For this post, I have decided to share verses that I’ve encountered in Genesis and made a really huge impact in my life and my perspectives. Here are four of it:

“Do not be afraid, Abram. For I am your shield, your very great reward.” – Genesis 15:1

“If I find fifty righteous people on the city of Sodom, I will spare the whole place for their sake.” – Genesis 18:26

“God is with you in everything you do.” – Genesis 21:22

“I am with you and I will watch you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to your land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” – Genesis 28:15

These verses had really inspired me and it really changed my life– especially the last one. It feels as if the Lord is saying those words to me and it’s just the greatest feeling.

And that ends my post for today! I really hope you liked this one and now, let me ask you:

What is your favourite verse in Genesis?

“Give thanks to the God in heaven, His love endures forever.” – Psalm 136:26


The Liebster Award #4

First, I’m very much sorry to everyone who has nominated me for awards or tags in the latter months of 2017– I lost track of it and I wasn’t really motivated to do tags or awards but I deeply appreciate your thought of •nominating me.

But now, I’m starting the tags and awards again! Why? Because I want to help new bloggers to be discovered by nominating them. I honestly think that being nominated for tags/awards has helped me grow this blog and now I want to return the favour. 🙂 So without further ado, let’s get started!

The Liebster Award #4

I was nominated by the lovely Roxy to do this. You should all check her blog out! 🙂 Thank you so much, Roxy!


  1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you for this award.
  2. Answer 11 questions the blogger gave you.
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 blogs.
  5. Notify them.
  6. Give them 11 questions to answer.

Roxy‘s Questions:

1. Describe one goal you want to achieve before the year ends.

• You guys might have read my post Spirit I Want To Keep + Goals already, and I really want to achieve everything that’s written in that post. 🙂 But most of all, I’d likely want to stay positive all the time.

2. Are you a pessimistic or optimistic?

• Optimist, of course! We should always believe on the positive side of life and knowing that there’s something good happening for you in the future, it’s amazing. 🙂

3. If there was one country you could choose to go where would it be and why?

Right now, I’m so in love with my country so I’d choose to stay here. But I’d like to go in Siargao, located in the region of Mindanao. The place is so amazing, honestly, and I’d like to go there someday!

4. It’s your last ever meal, what would you eat?

• I’d eat Buffalo wings! Uhm I’m literally craving right now–

5. What is your favourite season and why?

• Since there are only two seasons in my country, it’s probably sunny. 🙂 You may have read in my about before that I like being under the sun and rainy season is just gloomy but I do like the coldness of it.

6. What is the first thing you would buy if you won a million pounds?

• Plane tickets, probably and a laptop and a camera. Haha.

7. Would you still write if WordPress never existed?

• Probably. I’ve started writing before (I guess way back 2013) in MS Word and I had no clue about the blogosphere before. So I think I would still write.

8. What is your favourite sweet?

• Chocolates and marshmallows. 🙂

9. If you could have a conversation with a celebrity who would it be?

• I’d really choose James McVey because he has a really good perspective about life and he really has a good taste in music.

10. What was the most recent programme you watched?

• Pilipinas Got Talent, maybe? I rarely watch TV but yeah.

11. What sets you apart from everyone else?

• To be honest, I think it’s my pride. And this is a bad side of me that I need to improve.

Note: I will not give any facts anymore about myself because I’ve done this award many times already.

So… I nominate:

Miss Pineapple

El from Elated Books

Royal Lavender

True Bliss

Julia Elizabeth Blog

And anyone who hasn’t done this award yet! Let me know so I can add you up in the list!

My questions:

    Do you play any sport? If so, what is it?

    Do you own a pet? How many are they?

    What is your favourite milktea flavour?

    What is your favourite Netflix series?

    Would you rather lie about something or just tell the truth?

    What is your favourite school subject?

    What games are installed in your phone?

    What will you do if you have over a million followers here in WordPress?

    Do you like thriller movies?

    What would you say to a person who doesn’t like you?

    What is your favourite brand of clothing?

And this is it, guys! Again thank you Roxy for nominating me!

Sorry for not posting last Wednesday. It was our tune up games that day and I was really tired plus we have to work on a school project.

I hope you’re all having an amazing day!

5 Additional Facts About Me

If you read my tags/awards posts, then you probably know me and my personality already. However, there are some things that I can’t really share in this blog but I thought of 5 things that I want you guys to know. So here are another 5 facts about me!

1. I always wear my St. Benedict’s Cross necklace. It certainly does not feel good if I forgot to wear this or something. The cross is for protection and trust me, I think my necklace has saved me for many times already. (It’s God behind that, of course, but you know, faith.) Whenever I’m not wearing my necklace, it feels like something bad is gonna happen so I always wear it.

2. We have a relative who’s been ordained as a priest. Yes, and he’s a very close relative. I really think it’s awesome that we have a priest in the family. He is currently the head parish priest on one of the churches here in Tagaytay and he has travelled to many countries already. I really think it’s pretty cool.

3. I have never (ever) watched a single film about Star Wars. I don’t know but I’m really not into it. I might lose some friends over this, lol, but I really haven’t watched any film of Star Wars. So friends, tell me what I’m missing and I might change my thought about watching Star Wars or not haha.

4. I’m not used to sleep without a cat in my bed. My cats have been very nosy and every time I wake up in the morning, I see my cats sleeping. I have gotten so used to it already that when I’m about to sleep and there’s no cat with me, I go outside my room to get one. Haha. If you don’t know, we currently have 7 cats.

5. I read the Bible and journal. I literally take notes and study it. However, I’m still on Genesis and I think it’s taking me awhile but on the other side, it’s totally okay. Nothing’s wrong if you have slow progress on reading The Bible. 🙂 It will eventually get faster and you’ll soon realize that you’ve finished a book already.

Edit: I just finished Genesis!!!!

This is it. I hope you liked this 5 additional facts about me! And I hope you’re having a lovely day wherever you are!

PS. I’m doing a thread on twitter about the movies that I’ve watched this 2018 and my ratings. Follow me so you can check it out and let’s be twitter mutuals! 🙂

“Have faith in the Lord your God and you will be upheld; have faith in his prophets and you will be successful.” – 2 Chronicles 20:20

After Party Series: Amelia in Hull

Hello everyone!

Here I am again getting so hyped to feature another blogger that has joined my first blog party ever! Please welcome, Amelia in Hull!

Amelia in Hull

You probably might be thinking, why is it Amelia in Hull? And what is the tagline all about? Well, Amelia is here to explain because she stated it in her first ever blog post!

Introduction about Amelia Grace:

Amelia shares the inside scoop of what is it like to live in the City of Culture 2017, which is Hull. She shares the events that happens in the city and rates it from 1 to 10 and whether she liked it or not. Basically, her blog is all about Hull and the inside of it– such as cafes and shops and other businesses Hull has to offer.

10 Questions About Hull

Image via Google.

So this is a must read if you are wondering what’s up in Hull and the best and worst things about living in Hull.

4 Tourist Attractions in Hull that are Worth a Visit!

Photo via Amelia’s blog.

Here Amelia tours us to 4 tourist attractions in Hull that are worth a visit. I myself would like to visit the Humber bridge and the Humber Street. I’m pretty sure I’d like the cafes there!

Hull’s ‘Open Bridges’ Event

Photo via Amelia’s blog.

This is my favourite post of Amelia. Here she shares photos, information and her experience about going to the said event. This post also boosted up my love for bridges because they really fascinate me. Check this out I’m sure you’ll love it!

To Amelia,

Thank you so much for sharing Hull to us. At first I didn’t really get what your blog was all about because I don’t really know Hull but now, I want to visit the place! 🙂 And thank you for being a dear friend, Amelia. May God bless you always!

Do you know Amelia? What do you love most about her blog? 🙂

2018 Spirit To Keep + Goals

I’m pretty sure that a lot of bloggers will post their goals and I wanted to join, too. I love reading other people’s goals and see how they have achieved it or how they work hard to achieve it. It’s just amazing to see that someone is so persevere and consistent at reaching their goals because that’s one of my main problems, I’m not consistent. Haha. Seeing other bloggers makes me motivated to do so.

2018 Spirit To Keep

I don’t really know why I titled this like that, but I’m going to tackle about what attitude I want to pursue in facing problems and challenges.

Stay positive.

As always, I’d like to stay positive. Last year, I was all about spreading positivity but reflecting on my past experiences, I don’t think I was positive enough when facing challenges. I want to keep the spirit of positivity to make this year a better one.

Stay strong.

Just like what the priest had said in yesterday night’s mass, 2018 won’t be a smooth year. 2017 may have been bad and 2018 may be worse, but what matters is how we keep on going and how we stay strong when challenges come. The hard years makes us realise how much we need God, and we need to hold on to Him more than what we have ever did before.

Always be happy & contented.

This is the spirit that I want to keep. The spirit of happiness and being contented because– just because.

Hold unto Him.

I want to nurture my faith even more this 2018. Holding unto Him and being drowned by His deep love is something I’d like to achieve and experience.

Goals For This Blog

I appreciate everything that I have and have achieved in this blog for some time now but I want to step up my blog into a new level. Of course there’ll always be my random posts but I want to be more organised this year so here are my goals for this blog:

Have an organised schedule.

You guys know me! Haha! I post anytime especially when I have free time but I really want to work on a blogging schedule now. I have tried Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays but that didn’t work out. But I’ll try again because there’s nothing bad with trying again so… Wednesdays and Saturdays. I hope my blog schedule will work out. Haha.

Have a sign off logo + renew all my logo.

I have a sign off logo before but I think it’s too boring. I’ll try to make another one sometime this week, before my school starts again. I’ll update you with this one. I’ll also renew my icon here (I honestly don’t know where to edit that but I’ll find my way) haha.

Go self hosted before the year ends.

I want to. I badly want to! Who doesn’t want to go self hosted? I mean it’s amazing. Anyway I already have a theme to apply IF I go self hosted haha.

Reach 50k hits.

I am challenging myself. I HONESTLY don’t think I can achieve this because my average hits per year is 20,000– so if I have 22k hits now, I still need an extra 8k views to reach this. This is a pretty cool challenge so yeah, I hope I achieve this!


I now have 1k and it is honestly amazing. So my goal for this year is to reach 3k because there are some blogging groups I wanna join but can’t because of their follower limit. I mean is it necessary? (Silently goes for it anyway haha.)

Make better blog posts.

When I say this, I mean the grammar and everything. The punctuations, correct grammar, correct capitalizations, correct spellings and last, no typos!!

After Party Series

You guys might have forgotten this, but I haven’t. Haha. And since I’m not consistent in finishing series, here I go challenging myself again! I want to finish this because I still want to thank everyone who has attended my first ever blog party. 🙂 I still don’t have a particular schedule for this but you’ll know it soon!

Have a Bible Verse at every end of my post.

My friend Hannah has been doing this lately and I was really inspired to do it as well. I have thought of this ever since I started watching Jess Conte’s videos so yeah I want to spread the Word as I blog. I will just open up a random page in the Bible and add up what verse I see at the end of my posts.

So this is it, guys! I loved doing this post because it makes me so motivated to do well this year.

What are your goals? I’d also love to know! Comment down a link if you’ve made a post like this already! I will see you next post which wil be on Wednesday! Hehe working off my sched.

“I will praise You, o Lord, with all my heart; I will tell all of Your wonders, I will be glad and rejoice in You; I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High.” – Psalms 9:1-2

2017 | Looking Back At Achievements

We have different timezones, but it’s currently the 31st today in the Philippines and I’m writing this at 2pm. 10 hours more and we’re ready to welcome 2018. So for this post, I’m going to look back at 2017 and see what achievements I’ve made– personally and about this blog. Let’s start!

Personal Achievements

Try to look back at my 2017 goals and see what I’ve achieved. However this post is not a reflection about that post. 🙂

1. Found a really good school for senior high school + Italian. This one was the first in my 2017 goals post. I remember writing that post, I was still unsure of what to do and where to study and now, I’ve found a really good school that has increased my faith and made me disciplined. I’ve also learned Italian language though I’m still not fluent. 🙂

2. Join a praise and worship community. I did. I found a community where I belong and I’m pretty sure God wanted me to be here as well. I tackled everything about joining the community in this post– you might want to give it a read.

3. Travel. I’m quite proud with the places I’ve travelled this 2017. It’s just a few but I’m really happy to remember every scene and every places that we’ve been to. It’s all around in the Philippines, though, but I’m really happy with it. 🙂

4. I’ve met one of my favourite Youtubers. Last May, I’ve met my favourite Youtuber Wil Dasovich. I lost the pictures that’s why I can’t share it to you now but I’m pretty sure it’s uploaded in Facebook. Anyway I was really glad to meet him but I did panic when I saw him. Haha.

5. I’ve met one of the famous Filipino authors, Eros Atalia. Gah this was such a dream come true. Eros is well known for his books that tackles about our society and meeting him was surreal. Definitely one of the best experiences this year.

6. I’ve met new classmates and new people. For 4 years, I was stuck with the same people every school year that’s why it was a challenge for me to meet new people. I was so sure of my old classmates and I didn’t want to go out my comfort zone. But I met new people, and it’s honestly amazing. I’ve also known new perspectives and I honestly just learned a lot.

7. I’ve let go of my anxiety and stage fright. I couldn’t even remember that I was so scared to be infront of people before. Maybe joining the community and being in the HUMSS track boosted up my confidence. I rarely get anxious now and I’m glad to say that I’m finally free from panic attacks.

8. I honestly think… that I’ve become better than myself’s version of 2016. That’s what I believe because I really think that I’ve changed a lot. To be better, of course.

9. I’ve learned to love my family even more. Because of the incidents that has happened in our family, I learned to love them more than I could ever do. Sometimes I think that they might not feel it but I really love them all, so much.

10. I’ve learned to let go of my worries and most especially, I’ve learned to hold on to God when I’m feeling so lost. I think this is my greatest achievement this year– holding on to God and trusting Him in anyway I could. And I believe that my faith has increased so much this year. I still do mistakes but I think I’ve nurtured my Spirit so much this year. I’m really happy with the outcome. 🙂

Blog Achievements

2017 was a really great year for my blogging. I have been so productive in making posts and making new friends. I was really motivated.

1. 1000 followers. This is so much, honestly! I’m just writing my thoughts, opinions and whatever comes to my mind– I didn’t expect that I’d have 1000 followers. It’s really mindblowing but I’m really thankful for this and to you lovely people who has followed this blog.

2. 22k hits. I can’t believe this one, too. Thank you.

3. 235 posts. 236, including this one. It’s really been a productive year and I’m proud to have 235 posts. Haha.

4. I’ve improved my writing. I think so? I was reading posts from 2016 and it was so cringey.

5. Finished a series!!!! Ah I’m so happy that I was able to finish a series!!! Well it’s about my monthly playlists but because I’m irresponsible at series, I’m quite glad and proud for this!

6. Friends. I have made so many friends in this blogging community this year. And you guys are my greatest achievements in this blog. 🙂

I hope you liked this post and I’d also like to know– what are your achievements this year?

PS. Happy New Year!!!

2017 | Reflecting Negative Experiences

To be frantically honest, this year wasn’t any better to me. I’ve had a lot of breakdowns, my family had a lot of downfalls. In this post, I’m going to reflect the negative experiences that I’ve encountered throughout the year. There are positives, of course, but I think that would be tackled in another post. Let’s start!

1. Leaving my old classmates. I’ve been with them for 4 years. I’ve spent the whole junior high school with them and it was finally time for us to separate. The saddest part was being separated with my best friend. It kept me thinking for days and asking what will happen. I’m not with the same people and I’m pretty much not used to it.

Reflect: It wasn’t that bad. I think I was really just scared of the whole new world coming up to me. I was scared to leave them behind because they were my comfort zone but I realized it’s okay. It’s okay to step out of your comfort zone because that’s where you’ll learn. Rhaine and I are still best friends, even apart. I also realized here that distance doesn’t matter as long as you’re keeping in touch.

2. Muning had born 3 kittens. There’s only 1 left. In my Muning’s kittens post, I’ve introduced to you Muning’s cute little kittens and shared some pictures. I think weeks after that, 2 of them died. It was painful.

3. Crookshanks died. You all know Crookshanks, he was my favourite cat and he was the one closest to me. Every night, he’d stay with me and every morning, he’ll wake me up because I think he knows that it’s time for me to wake up because of school. I loved him, so much. But then he died. He didn’t die of sickness or accident or anything, we don’t know why. It was very hard and I cried for days. I even cried at school and my teacher talked to me. It was very heartbreaking.

Reflection: Cats can’t stay with you forever. Nothing is ever permanent in this world and we have to deal with it.

4. 10 days after Crookshanks, my lolo died. It was painful. I was broken. I was shattered. And so does my family, the whole clan. I won’t forget this one because I haven’t had the chance to talk to him again. I’ve seen him in the hospital with cold hands already and that’s when I bid good bye. We’re still healing, though, but we’ll manage.

Reflect: Just like what I’ve said, nothing and no one is ever permanent in this world. We just borrowed this life from God and who are we to question His decisions? It hurts, yes. So much. But I guess it’s time to let my lolo free from the heartbreaks so that he’ll finally be able to go to heaven without worries and for him to be happy. My family manages and we were able to spent Christmas just fine. We all do this for my grandmother who amongst all of us, feel the pain a lot more.

5. Weeks after my lolo passed away, my aunt was diagnosed with stage 2 rectal cancer. It was another challenge for us. My family is pretty solid, that’s why we all help her overcome the challenge. My aunt is now having treatment after weeks of crying and holding the pain.

Reflect: Challenges come and go. One of my friends said that we face these challenges because God knows that we can surpass through these and all we need to do is strengthen our faith. Apparently, my faith was strengthened when she said this. It was the words that I needed.

These are things that I’ve experienced in my crazy 2017. This might not be the best year for me, but I’m pretty sure everything will be okay soon. Everything is up to the Lord now. 🙂

What are your realizations this year? How was your 2017?