Waiting For His Plans

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! It’s a Sunday and I really want to share something on this blog that is faith-related. I haven’t written about my faith for so long and you guys, I surely had a huge adventure with our Lord. My journal would probably tell you how grateful I am for the past months because I have felt His presence- since the year started. I am so much thankful for that. I don’t really know where this is going but I’ll continue writing and hope the Lord blesses me with His words.

woman stands on mountain over field under cloudy sky at sunrise
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December 2018, we took our midterm examinations for the final semester and it feels like I didn’t do good enough. I was seriously doubting because for like half of the semester, I was laid back. I don’t know, it felt like I didn’t do good enough so I kept on praying. I always pray even before I hold my pen because I know that God will help me. Having good grades for this school year is very much important to me because it will help me pass the universities I have applied to. I kept on praying. When the results for the third quarter was released, I felt so blessed because I still got to manage to have a GWA of 90 above. I was honestly so happy and grateful because at that moment, I knew God helped.

Last week, March 11-15, I was so anxious because it was our finals. It was very important to me, too. I need to have high grades because one, the expectations of my parents and two, it will really help me to get to college because having a GWA of 90 above can offer you scholarships which is a very big deal to me! I was really anxious but still, I kept on studying hard. Sometimes, I stay up to 2-3am just to study because I really know how important is this to me and my college life. Good thing though, I still managed to take care of my health and I didn’t suffer because I don’t have enough sleep. I am just so glad that finals is over and I am just waiting for the results and for graduation. Last week was really a busy week because we also had to defend our thesis, pass a lot of performance tasks and agh, the exams were stressing! I felt joy when we had our last day because all of us were so happy that we managed to survive the stressful week.

Another thing I want to share to you is that I have been waiting for the results of the great UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test) and the PUPCET (Polytechnic University of the Philippines College Entrance Test). I am really waiting for the results of these two and I hope I pass any of them. These universities offer scholarships which I really need so that I wouldn’t bother my parents anymore to pay for my tuition. I hope I pass. I am waiting for His plans.

And while waiting, I am holding on to some verses.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayers, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.” – Mark 11:24

I have been holding on to this verse for some time now and deeply believe that God has something in store for me. Every time I read or hear this verse, I feel something in my heart. It feels like God is talking to me or I don’t know, I just feel something.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” – Philippians 4:6

Okay, I feel like crying right now. In this verse, I only know the part “do not be anxious about anything” because it helps me calm down every time I don’t know what to do in a situation. I didn’t know that this verse has a more message behind it and ah, God, thank You for giving me this verse.

“For with God, nothing is impossible.” – Luke 1:37

I once went to Our Lady of Manaoag and prayed there. In the Church, there is a basket full of verses in which you should take one and reflect when you get home. I was crying inside the Church while praying and I was asking for something that I know will be hard for me to have. I was losing hope. Once I was done praying, I picked one verse in the basket and what I got was it, Luke 1:37. It was certainly God’s message for me that time. He talked to me. My heart felt relieved after receiving the verse and I thanked God. He is SO good to me just like He is in everyone else.

I am patiently waiting for His plans, whatever it is. I know it will always be for the better because He knows everything. I delight myself in prayers every time so that I will have the patience to wait. And to those of you who are waiting too, always talk to God. He is there to listen and answer even in the simplest ways. Just pray. It will always help.

And yep, here I am, still waiting. 

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Thank you so much for reading and I hope this has reached out to you. I felt like sharing my experiences on how God spoke to me when I was losing hope. And I hope God showers you with contentment and happiness wherever you are in the world. Let us keep on waiting for His better plans.

Let’s serve while waiting.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would also like to know,

What are the verses that spoke to You during the hardships or struggles that you had?

Please share in the comments section below because it will surely help others and me, too!



Welcome Back To My Blog!

Oh my God- it feels new to write again in here. But hey, if you’re reading this, then hello and welcome back to my blog! Yes, welcome back because I am back in writing again! Most of you might have noticed that I haven’t been writing since December and the last post that I have was 3 Things I Learned In 3 Years Of Blogging in celebration of my third blogiversary! I have a lot to tell you right now so let’s start!

1. I definitely apologize.

I am very much sorry for leaving without saying any word! I should have atleast announced it but honestly, I haven’t got the time. I was really busy with all the stuff going on with my school, family and self. I wanted to be a lot more productive in this blog this 2019 but during the first weeks of January, a lot of stuff came up that I can’t even have the time to write- to do the thing I love. 

2. Good news: I’m back.

For good. I’m sure I’ll take breaks in the upcoming months but I am back at it again with writing! Agh!!! I am so hyped up with everything and the upcoming posts that I have planned! If you are reading this now, thank you for being staying and still reading my blog posts! 

3. College

Guys!!! I am going to college! I am writing this now because we started our summer vacation and you know, I have all the free time to write and enjooooy the sun! My senior high school graduation is scheduled on the April 6th and I am just so hyped about it. 

Expect a lot of posts!!!!!! I have so many adventure posts in store because our family has been having a lot of trips ever since the year started! I can’t wait to share it with you all!!!

Also, I will be starting to review products that I use on my face and other beauty products. I have been SO caring about my face lately and I have developed a routine to take care of my skin. I will tackle this in the upcoming posts!!! I might be also having outfit posts as I have been attending to a lot of debuts lately and agh it’s just so nice to dress up!!

Of course, there will be posts about my life like what I always do. I will also write about how I survived senior high school because believe me, during the last week, I’ve had mental breakdowns which totally sucked. I’m just so excited!! And lastly, I will always talk about my faith and the lessons I’ve learned in life.

And that is all for today! I am currently preparing the blogposts that I have planned and I just cannot wait to share it with you all! And of course, I have to catch up with you guys as well! I cannot wait to read your posts!

PS. I also have a new blog design and you guys might wanna check it out!

And I want to ask, please do answer in the comments section below!

How have you been? How are you?

Nevertheless, I hope you’re happy wherever you are! ❤️

3 Things I Learned In 3 Years Of Blogging

3 YEARS. I have been blogging for 3 years?! I don’t feel it, I honestly don’t. This is so insane like I made this blog when I was 15 years old and now, I’m 18. This blog grew together with me and honestly, it’s just a part of my life and I wouldn’t be the same without this little corner.

First of, I want to share some of my blogging confessions because if you know me way back 2016, you know that I’m so active in blogging and that I really work hard just to publish a post weekly. Things changed. Some of you might have noticed that I’m not really paying attention to blogging because for reals, I am not. I haven’t. And with this, I quite of feel really unproductive this year in terms of blogging but that’s okay with me because I’ve been productive in academics and in finding myself not online. I feel like apologizing to the friends that I message through twitter and instagram and I take such a long time to reply.

It’s kind of sad to me to not reach my goals but I don’t really expect anything for I haven’t worked hard to reach it. But really, I feel like this year, 2018, was made for me to focus on myself– which is a really great thing.

Another one I want to share to you is that I badly wanted to quit at some point. I decided so hard on this and I know that I still wanted to stay, and so I did. Because at some point, I know I’ll be back. I just can’t live without this writing platform because it has really been a part of my life. The community is also great that I just want to meet everyone in person because everyone is just so kind and honest and nice and ugh, they just spread love everywhere. So thank you.

So for the second and the last part, here’s the 3 things I learned in my 3 years of blogging:

    There are actually people online who would care for you. Back then, I don’t really trust people online because duh, the online world is a scary place to be in. But when I started blogging and I started to know people’s lives and started to be friends with other bloggers, I knew this was a good community to be in. I’m not pertaining to all bloggers out there but some bloggers would really care for you. It’s the nicest and the sweetest thing ever, especially if you haven’t been posting for so long and you receive sweet messages from them, gosh, it melts my heart. I hope the blogging community here continues to spread love so that others would, too. Just a little note that not all bloggers are nice, but so far for me, I’ve met really amazing bloggers who are really really nice.
    Sometimes you fail and that’s okay. As I’ve said in my ‘blogging confessions’ (lol), I kind of failed in reaching my blogging goals this year. I wrote a post 3 Things I Want To Do Before My Blog Turns 3 and I just didn’t achieve the first one which is to go self-hosted. I kind of also failed at reading blogposts because I don’t really have time because I’m cramming most of the times. And I know, it’s okay. Failures are meant to lead us to success because in failures, we learn and we’ll strive to be better for the second time around. I think this is one of the most important thing I learned in blogging.
    The views don’t matter. Well, maybe, for me. Back then, I was really hungry for views and I want my posts to reach a wider audience (which is a good thing) but as time goes by, I realized that I’m not writing for the views. I’m writing to express myself, to share the love that I feel to others and to share my life experiences. Big time views are just a bonus but there’s actually people who will read your post and you’ll be satisfied because they felt it, and it’s much more important than the views. This is also an important thing to learn because I’ve been there, I wanted views at some point but that’s nooooot what’s blogging is all about. Good thing I realized it this year.

Blogging has been really important to me, so thank you for flying with me.

Thank you for the 3 years, WordPress community. Thanks to everyone who’s read my posts, commented and to those who just came by but stayed because they felt something in my blog. Thank you. I wouldn’t be this motivated in writing if it weren’t for all of you. I’ve learned a lot of things and you were a huge part of my growth. Thank you, everyone.

And that’s all for this post. I will add this post on my Blogmas entries because it’s still December, so!! Hehe. Thank you so so much for reading. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

PS. Congrats, self! You were consistent in this community for 3 years already. Just wow! ❤️

Merry Christmas!! | Blogmas # 10

Hello everyone, just a really quick greeting for y’all! I know this is kinda late but to those still celebrating it today,

Merry Christmas!

I hope you find joy in every little thing. And to those who’s celebrated it already, I hope you really had fun with you friends and family!

Anyway, I’m gonna have another post later on about my BLOGIVERSARY because yes, I made this blog right after Christmas! ❤️

Have a lovely day y’all!!

Christmas Eve | Blogmas # 9

Hello everyone and a happy Christmas eve to all of you! It’s currently 1:13am as I write this and I just really wanted to write a quick post and share the things I’ve learned because you guys, I’ve completed the 9 nights of Misa de Gallo or what the Filipinos call “Simbang Gabi”.

Before I go on any further with my experiences, I want to share with you some Filipino traditions and explain how Misa de Gallo or Simbang Gabi works. I don’t know if other countries have this but yeah.

Misa de Gallo

Traditionally, Christmas in the Philippines is ushered in by the nine-day dawn masses that starts on December 15 (night) and December 16 (morning). It is one of the most important Christmas Filipino tradition. Catholics and Aglipayan churches believe that when you complete the nine masses, you may obtain a special grace or receive what you’ve been asking for in prayer.

Source: http://www.tourisminthephilippines.com/city/Tacloban/christmas-in-the-philippines/christmas-in-the-philippines-misa-de-gallo.html

It was a journey. The Simbang Gabi started at December 15, Saturday, and we had our midterm examinations at 17, 18 and 19. I was procrastinating and honestly, just crying because of the exams and my mind’s already about celebrating Christmas! Here’s the things I have learned while attending the masses:

1. Sacrifice. You need to sacrifice in order to feel grace. I know, God is graceful, but God really do love those people who become Christ-like by sacrificing something in their lives. One can sacrifice rest just to be with the Lord in church, some can sacrifice time to be with others, and a lot more. Sacrifice is the first thing I learned because I also sacrificed just for Christ, to prepare for His coming. I know this isn’t much of a big deal but I sacrificed my study time (which is really important to me because it’s… midterms), I sacrificed my sleep (which I really need because there’s a lot going on in acads) and I just had to sacrifice my bonding time with family because I can’t have the time anymore. And here goes the second thing I learned.

2. God is faithful. He is, and He will always. I sacrificed my study time but when the exact examination moment came, I’m surprised that I can answer the test and some of them were just really easy for me. (I thank God for this. I badly needed His help.) I sacrificed my bonding time with family but no, it’s just what I thought at first. Attending the mass with my family is also a form of bonding and we just connect to each other by the Lord’s presence. It’s actually really good to have a break with all the acads and just be with the Lord and my family. In some nights as well, the priest also emphasized how good God is and how faithful He is to His promises.

3. Endurance. There are a lot of struggles— in some days it would really rain so hard, in some it would be so freaking cold you’d just want to be in your comforter and in some days, you just don’t feel like attending the mass. But, endurance is the key, my friends. In one sermon as well, the priest had told us how the enemy is wanting to win by doing anything he can so that the servant of the Lord goes away in His grace or presence. Endurance. We need to have strength in all the challenges because certainly, God has promised us a good future and if we continue to seek Him, we’ll delight in His promises. Just endure the process, trust the process.

4. God provides. He truly do! After the examination week and all the Christmas parties I’ve gone to, of course, I was really tired, and drained. My family always hugs me but for one night, I wanted someone (randomly) to hug me. Like if I saw a friend in the church, I really want that friend to hug me, with no reason at all. I kind of needed hugs that time and this is where God worked. December 21, a group of orphaned kids performed in the church. I was just sitting behind them, and I smile at them when I can. I just love smiling at them because they smile back, and we both feel loved. December 22, I saw the kids again and one little girl named Shiela, looked at me and smiled at me. I waved at her. After the mass ended, she ran to me and hugged me. GOD, her hugging me was the purest and most genuine thing ever. I almost cried that moment because I really felt God hugging me that time. He provides. And that little girl who hugged me, I knew for a fact that God used her to become an instrument to make me feel loved because I was honestly drained.

This is not in the context anymore but I just wanna share you some of the kids’ life story. I had the chance to sit and talk with them last December 23, I don’t know but God may have made a way for us to talk to one another. Aside from my little angel Shiela, I also met Maria and Angel. (They truly were angels.) Shiela and Angel were sisters and they told me how they are far away from their parents because they could feed them no more, so they sent them to the orphan. Maria told me she really live far away from my hometown (where they live now) and they live in the side of the rails of the train, which is probably the slums here in the Philippines. It was really sad, they’ve been through worst in that age, and yet they manage to smile genuinely and give joy to others. They are truly God’s gift and I hope they continue to smile as long as they can.

And the last lesson I learned,

5. Be joyful. Always. In every little thing, we should find joy for it will give us a sense of peace and harmony in ourselves. Just this. Find joy in everything that you do.

Thank you so much for reading! I loved writing this post so much. I actually wanted to share photos of Shiela, Maria and Angel but I just want to keep this privately because they might not want it, too.

I want to ask you guys to pray for the kids, to pray for the orphans and those who were left behind. They are kids and they deserve to be loved. They deserve to be happy. Please pray for their happiness and peace of heart and mind. It would greatly help them. ❤️

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Christmas Playlist | Blogmas # 8

Christmas Playlist | Blogmas # 8

Hello everyone, welcome to another entry of my Blogmas 2018!! ❤️ Blogmas won’t be complete if I hadn’t shared my Christmas playlist and the songs that I really loved this December.

So for those of you who don’t know, I’m doing Blogmas wherein I post 15 entries also as preparation for Christmas. I did not blog everyday this December and have 24 posts because I’ll had my midterms in the third week of December and I’ve got to prepare so yeah! Enjoy my posts!

All I Want For Christmas Is You — Mariah Carey

This song has been repeat in my playlist for so many times already! I don’t know, I haven’t really liked this song but it’s such a bop that you want to go with the beat when you listen to this.

  • It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year — Andy Williams

Naw I just love this song!!! It’s actually one of my favourite since before. Can’t explain how festive it is and it just makes you SOOOO excited for Christmas!

  • Oh Holy Night — Cover by Nina Nesbitt

No, no. I just honestly love this song!!! 😭💖 Everytime I go to church for the Misa De Gallo and everytime they play this, I can’t help but be emotional and thankful and festive. Nina’s version was honestly good too. I love her voice!

Hallelujah — Pentatonix

The feels. Just the feels. I definitely love Pentatonix’s version of Hallelujah. I actually go to Youtube to watch their video of it. It’s just so good and soooo addicting! If you still haven’t watched it, then you really should go right now!

I’ll Be Home — Meghan Trainor

Okay, what?! How come I’ve only heard this song just now (this year)?!!! Okay for me, it’s honestly a good Christmas song which of course, talks about coming home. It’s kind of emotional and when I watched the lyric video of it, I actually wanted to cry. Such a good song!

  • Christmas Lights — Coldplay

One of the most underrated Christmas songs ever. I just love this song and how come it was released 8 years ago?! Unbelievable.

Now, I’m gonna go with OPM or Original Pinoy/Pilipino Music because honestly I’ve been listening to a lot more OPM than English songs. Here are my favorite ones:

  • Kumukutikutitap — Ryan Cayabyab

What’s Pinoy Christmas without this song? You’ll hear this everywhere in the Philippines because ya’know, it’s a classic. It’s really beautiful, festive and it would just wanna make you dance. I soooo love this song and I’ve lived with this and I hope this song continues to be sang by kids who carols and everyone else.

  • Sana Ngayong Pasko — Ariel Rivera

If you’re a Filipino and you didn’t cry listening to this, how could you? Haha just kidding. BUT gosh this song just speaks a lot AND very very emotional. We actually sang this song in our chorale competition and we won 2nd place. So, hooray!

  • Bibingka — Ben & Ben

I always think about this song whenever we finish the mass and go outside the church to look at the food the vendors sell. Of course, in Pinoy traditions, there must be a bibingka, an ihaw-ihaw, puto bumbong and any other food. It makes everythiiing feel a lot like Christmas!!

  • Da Best Ang Pasko ng Pilipino — Maria Aragon

Honestly one of my favourite ABS-CBN CSID song at all time. I remember listening to this when I was 11 years old and was really fascinated by Maria Aragon’s voice.

  • Star ng Pasko — ABS CBN 2009 Christmas Station ID

I will always come back to this song. Christmas won’t be the same if I haven’t heard this song. It has been a huge part of my childhood and I remember Santino (correct me if I’m wrong) of May Bukas Pa. Bro (Jesus) will always be the star of Christmas!

That’s all for today!! Please kindly listen to the OPM songs I’ve listed above, they ARE ALL beautiful and worthy to listen to! ❤️

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you’re having a really good time so far with your loved ones! Now I have one question:


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Important Things You Should Do Before Christmas | Blogmas # 7

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Blogmas post! We just had our school Christmas party earlier and I just realized a few things about why people really celebrate Christmas. I took some reflections and decided to make a blog post about the things you should do before Christmas. But before getting started…

For those of you who don’t know, I’m doing Blogmas wherein I post 15 entries also as preparation for Christmas. I did not blog everyday this December and have 24 posts because I’ll had my midterms in the third week of December and I’ve got to prepare so yeah! Enjoy my posts!

Giving gifts, receiving, is one of the best parts of Christmas. Shopping for stuff and actually buying them to give it to others is a really satisfying feeling and it just makes someone happy. However, aside of all the things we do yearly in Christmas, I’ve thought of other important things to do before Christmas actually comes!

  • Help the unfortunate.

This is honestly one of the best things to do every Christmas. Lately, I had come to a realization that I’m really blessed because I could get to eat three times a day, and I really thank God for that. However, when I think about the less fortunate ones, I can’t help but become sad and think about what ways I could help them. I know that I can always offer my time, because availability is the best ability, but I actually wanted to do something more for them this Christmas. My mom already had plans to help the unfortunate this coming Christmas and I am just so excited to give things to these people, especially the children. I have always been so passionate about serving the people and it just makes me so, so excited.

So you can honestly give anything you want to them. You can organize your closet, and give clothes that you don’t really wear anymore. I think it would be really helpful for them. You can also cook some food and give it to them, it’s honestly up to you and how you think you’ll make them happy.

  • Forgive your enemies & ask for forgiveness as well!

This is really easy to say, but one of the hardest acts to do. This Christmas, make it a better and meaningful one. If you have someone that you had an argument with, maybe it’s now time to be at peace with them and forgive them with what they have done to you. Forgiving your enemy might bring joy to him/her, but it will bring you much more joy and peace inside. Christmas is all about spreading peace and love, so make your heart and mind at peace as well.

  • Just love. Show how passionate you are with the things that you love. Show how mindful you are of the people that you love. Just spread love.

Plato once said, “The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings.” Nothing in the world would ever be possible if it weren’t for love, so we should also do everything with love in return. Christmas is all about love and there are actually a lot of ways to spread love and you can do it in your own way. There’s no one stopping you to love, you can do it for it’s honestly one of the greatest blessings to love and to be loved. ❤️

Thank you so much for reading my Blogmas # 7. I truly appreciate everyone of you who reads this and will always be grateful for you. Let’s be more positive this Christmas! 🎄💖 I hope you enjoyed this post!

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