Singapore Day 2


Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!!! So I’m glad to say that I’ve finally published my Singapore Day 2 vlog in YouTube after editing it a lot of times because there’s a problem in exporting but yeah, it’s up now!

 Singapore Day 2 | Jirah Merizz

Please do watch and I hope you enjoy! ❤ Please do tell your comments as well in the video or in the comments section below, I’d love to read ’em! Anyway, here are the pictures that I took last April 09th, 2019. ❤


That’s all for today! Thank you so much for being here and I really hope you’re having an amazing time wherever you are right now. ❤




1700 Followers Q and A + My College Enrollment Story!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! First things first, I wanna apologize for having this delayed because a lot of things happened and I didn’t expect that my May would get so busy. And before going on with the post, I’d like to share a little story about how I finally got enrolled for college.

May 17th. It was my scheduled date for the enrollment. I arranged all my files the day before and there, I thought I have it complete. My parents made sure that I have it all complete because they will be going with me to enroll. We woke up at 2am and prepared because Tagaytay (my hometown) is pretty far from Manila. By around 3:30 AM, we’re finally ready to go and since we live in a province, there’s no jeepneys or tricycles going around and we’re still far from the bus terminal. It was a struggle but at around 4 AM, a nice tricycle driver decided to escort us to the bus terminal. And I tell you, it was a long ride because I reached PUP (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) at around 6 AM. The line was already long. And I meant it. Really long. 6 AM to 4 PM, I waited to finish step 1, and there are 4 steps to be officially enrolled. That’s how the line was really long and when it was finally my turn to be in the registrar’s office, they told me to just come back because I have incomplete requirements. And my world just freaking shattered. I waited for so long and yet, nothing happened. My feelings were really hurt, I told it to my parents and then we went home. Again, nothing happened.

May 18th-19th. It was one busy weekend!!! Our youth community organized another youth camp and I was one of the service team. I felt super duper tired but at the same time, happy because the camp went well, through God’s grace. ❤

May 20th. My missing requirement was a PSA Birth Certificate. I do have a birth certificate but not from Philippine Statistics Authority because it was formerly National Statistics Office and that’s the one that I have. We travelled again but this time, I was with my mom and cousin. The nearest place to claim a PSA Birth Cert was from PSA Trece and so we woke up at around 3 am again because we know the line’s probably gonna be long… and when we arrived, we’re right. The line was long already but good thing we’re in the first batch. And then here comes failure, because the server they use to search for birth certificates got shut down. We were already there by 4:30 AM and we went home at 3 PM, because nothing happened, again. The officials said that the system might be online again and we waited, but at 3 PM, we’re really done with waiting and finally decided to go home.

May 21st. I badly wanted to cry. I really do. I can’t get enrolled yet, I have not gotten enough sleep yet and I just really wanted my stuff to get done. So here we go again, we woke up really early again because this time, we’re getting my birth certificate in Manila. I was really unsure of what to do, if I should just go to PUP and just have my parents wait for my birth certificate but then I decided to wait with them and by 9 AM, I finally got my PSA Birth Certificate. I was so happy and relieved but still unsure if I’d still have to wait for the long line before I finally get to the registrar’s office. When we got there, I told one of the Oplan Gabay officer (the ones who guide the enrollment process) that I was supposed to enroll last May 17th and finally, just gosh, finally, I went inside the registrar’s office again. And this time, no waiting for the long line, and I finished step 1. Step 2 was a whole different process because this was for the interview about your course and if you’ll get accepted or nah. I searched for the College of Political Science and Public Administration (CPSPA) office and I was interviewed by the Dean. In my previous post, Through Uncertainty, I told you guys that I want to take up either of Political Science or International Studies but I wasn’t accepted. I wasn’t accepted because I told the Dean that I want to pursue law and he said that those two weren’t the right courses. He offered me to take up Public Administration or Political Economy instead but I wasn’t sure of those two courses but then he also offered one course outside his department and told me that it’d be the best preparation for law which is Philosophy. I wasn’t sure but then I just saw myself walking to the College of Arts and Letters Department and I got accepted right away. The professors that I’ve talked to and the Dean who accepted me were really nice and honestly, it instantly felt like home. So there you go hun, I am officially taking up Philosophy as my major… for my pre-law.

And it ain’t done yet, after being officially enrolled, I also found a place to stay in already. To face it, I can’t go home to Tagaytay from time to time because it’s really far so we searched for apartments, condo, dorms and we found the right condo for me to stay in. I am honestly so happy and I can’t wait to move in. #CollegeLife

I’m so sorry for the long story but I thought that I want to remember so I wrote it here in the blog. If ever, thank you for reading my enrollment story and now, let’s get in on with the Q and A!

1700 Followers Q and A!

Grace asked a couple of questions for me and thank you so much, lovely! 

If you had to describe yourself in 3 songs what would they be?

  • First song that came to my mind was Home by Planetshakers. The lyrics says it all, I know I am Home, deep within my Savior’s arms, I know where I belong. This song would always remind me that in my life, I have found two homes– under God’s arms and under my family’s roof. The second song is I See The Light by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, aside from it’s one of my favorite songs ever, it just kinds of describes my life, too. And the last one would be Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. You probably know why. 😉

What’s one thing on your bucket list/ a big dream of yours?

  • Ah there are a lot!!! But hmm of course, seeing aurora borealis because it’s just like my life dream and it’s so dreamy and it feels so surreal even by just looking in the pictures!

Coffee or tea? 

  • Definitely, coffee!

Books or movies?

  • This is such a hard question since I’m love both and lately I’m so into watching movies but I still think books are better. But naaaaah they have a fair place in my heart.

Mira and Irina, thank you so much for the question! 🙂

What is your favorite memory so far?

  • Recently, I got to see how my parents sacrificed their time for me to enroll in college and it’s honestly one of my favorite memories ever. They are just so kind and loving to do everything with me and I have to treasure that the most.

mymindspeaksaloud, thank you so much for the question! ❤

What’s one of your favourite blog posts you’ve written?

I have 11 categories that I write a post to and the adventure and faith related topics are always my favorite to write. For this question, I’d like to share the most viewed post in my blog and definitely one of my favourites as well, Trip to Manuel Uy Beach Calatagan (Philippines) because it’s like my stepping stone to write more about my adventures and it’s always nice to come back to it after years pass. I wrote that 2 years ago and people are still viewing it and finds it interesting so it’ll always have a huge place in my heart… and in this blog. 🙂

Starling also asked a couple of questions and thank you so much, little sis! ❤

What’s the first thing you do before you go to sleep?

  • Hm, the first and probably… the last thing I do before going to sleep is pray. I end up getting nightmares if I don’t!

How long does it take for you to brush your teeth?

  • I think I brush my teeth for like 2 minutes and if I feel like really cleaning it, it can go on for like 3-4 minutes. Ah I’m not really sure! But I have this habit that when I brush my teeth for too long, I gag and that’s my signal that I’ve finished brushing my teeth!

How many meals do you eat in a day?

  • In the Philippines, most of us are used to eat 3 meals a day and I’m one of them people.

What is one thing you used to dislike but now like?

  • Editing… videos? Ugh, I badly hated it when I was in senior high school because we need to do a lot of films but I kind of like it now… maybe I’ve gotten used to it as well!

What is your current favorite song?

  • Jenny of Oldstones by Florence + The Machine which is a soundtrack from Game of Thrones Season 8. The way Florence sang it was perfectly beautiful and I felt all the emotions the season has. Game of Thrones is probably my favorite series ever and giving us a song like Jenny of Oldstones was the best thing that happened in the final season… because I kind of disliked some parts of the ending! 😦

chape asked two questions and thank you so much for these!!!

What’s your favorite food? 

  • My favorite food since I was a kid is Sinigang which is a Filipino recipe. Sinigang has various choices to pick from like Sinigang na Baboy (pork), Sinigang na Hipon (shrimp), Sinigang na Bangus (milkfish) and there’s still a lot!

What’s your favorite place in the Philippines? What can’t we miss if we travel there?

  • I like talking about my country so thank you so so much for this question! I have a lot of places in mind but I have to answer this honestly and my favorite place here is of course, my hometown, which is Tagaytay. This place is my home. And you can’t miss the beaches when you go here! I’ve written a post about the beaches in here and you can go give it a read Summer Travel Destinations! (Philippines)!

wevegotpockets, thank you so much for your questions. ❤

What is the least common thing you’re a fan of?

  • Probably TikTok? I mean, a lot of people are so hypeeed about it and there’s nothing wrong with that because you can be creative with your videos but yeah, I’m not a fan. (:

What book would you like to see a dress inspired by?

  • I’d definitely would want to see a dress inspired by The Selection by Kiera Cass series! I mean, those dresses in the cover page? Absolute bomb. All are really beautiful!

Cherylene, thank you so much for your questions. (:

How do you prefer to spend your free time?

  • If I had new books to read, I’d definitely spend my free time reading but I’ve read almost all of my books at home soo… I binge watch series. And if there’s a community gathering, I’d prioritize that first because we’re gonna serve Christ and it’s the best way to spend free time. (:

If you could change two things in the world, what would they be?

  • First, if I could turn hate into love, then I would do it with all my heart. Even if we agree or not, we all know that hate is strong in today’s society and if we can turn that into love, the world would be a much better place to live in.
  • Second, I’d like to change how politics and government are done in today’s time. A lot of people can’t eat everyday, a lot of people are suffering from poverty, abuse, violence and I would really want to change that. We all deserve to live wherein we feel safe, where we can eat enough meals for a day and where we can feel like home. Proper governing is a step to change all of these.

And there you go, thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you in my next post, bye! ❤

1700 Followers — Ask Questions!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

There’s 1700 of you people following this blog and I can’t thank you enough.

I love this blog so much— this is my breathe of fresh air when hard times come. I am not the best blogger. I don’t post regularly (unlike before) and sometimes I leave for months without telling you guys because everything’s been busy and such. I’m sorry for that. But still, thank you for believing and still reading my posts no matter what happens.

I am so thankful to each and everyone of you, whether you’ve found my blog from the comments section of other blogs, or just stumbled upon my page. You are amazing and you make me so happy.

Thanks again and I will talk more tomorrow, but please do ask questions for my 1700 Followers Q & A. This was a regular thing in my blog before that when I reach a milestone, I do Q and As because it’s so fun and interactive. I stopped doing it and I missed it soooo yeah, go ask questions below!

It can be about anything, honestly! Details about me, my faith, school-related, my blogging experiences, my political stands (lalo na ngayon… mahal kita, Pilipinas 🇵🇭😭) and just.. anything!

Again, thank you so much.

My Tayak Hill Experience! (Philippines)

Hello everyone and welcome back to another adventure! So last February, our family planned an awesome trip and since we’ve never been hiking as one, we decided to hike. This was also my first time hiking and it was a really great experience! I definitely had so much fun going to Tayak Hill because first, it’s also a sacrifice– you have to climb 930 steps to reach it’s peak, and on it is Noah’s Ark with a really huge cross inside. Now, let’s get started with the post and I hope you have fun!

Tayak Hill, Tanaw de Rizal 

Tayak Hill is located in Rizal, Laguna, Philippines. Visitors and tourists would have to climb 930 steps to reach at the base of the Tayak Hills to finally reach Tanaw De Rizal, the main park. Inside it is the central attraction of the place, Noah’s Ark. Once at the top, you can now see the great view of San Pablo City, the mountains behind it which is Mt. Cristobal and Mt. Banahaw. (Source: Tanaw de Rizal Now Looking Brighter) You can do many things in here like take pictures, have a reflection, pray, or just really have peace in yourself for the place is serene and really beautiful.

My Experience

Since I am from Tagaytay City, Rizal, Laguna was pretty far from our place. We woke up at around 4 am to prepare and get ready and around 4:30, we decided to start driving. My parents and aunts wanted to go there really early because there might be a lot of people and we don’t really want to experience the heat of the sun at around 9-10 am here because it can be really hot. So after hours of driving, we reached the place at around 6 am.

Since we haven’t had breakfast yet, we decided to find a place to eat and we decided to eat alongside the road. There are actually no vehicles coming back and forth so it’s safe and plus, it was really cold! I didn’t expect it and I didn’t bring a sweater but it’s okay. Here are pictures of my family!

While eating breakfast, we see people who live in the mountains and some army officers and gosh, they were really nice! In the Philippines, even though we don’t know the person or people we’re surrounded with, as long as we’re eating, we always say “kain po” and it’s an invitation for them to eat with us. And I think that’s really beautiful. So after eating a light breakfast, we started to hike and of course… take pictures!

Okay, let me flex my photo posing awkwardly to the welcome to Tayak Hill sign. Haha. This is from the very bottom of what we’re about to climb so we all decided to get pictures here.

IMG_6040Okay, here are another pictures of me in the entrance!


After taking pictures in the entrance, we started to climb. Let’s get that 930 steps!

This is the view on the left side while climbing. I’m not exactly sure if this is Mt. Cristobal or Mt. Banahaw, sorry!

And then finally, we saw the first spot! I think it’s for having breakfast or lunch, or just a place to rest but what’s cool in this place? You can actually go and see the view and take pictures on its roof! Look at the stairs at the side!


Yes, I’m on the roof!

Okay, so behind the picture above is the main spot, Tayak Adventure and Nature Park. Let’s now go to that place!

The picture I took on the roof.
The picture in the main place, Tayak Adventure and Nature Park.

So we decided to take pictures at different angles from this point. Like geez, everywhere you look, there’s something beautiful and you’ll be really amazed.

When you look at the left side, you’ll see THIS BEAUT. This is the same mountain as the picture earlier and now, I’ve googled it but I’m still not sure. The results showed that this mountain is Mt. Cristobal.
The view at the right side. Oh gosh, takes my breath away! Sadly, we didn’t go down there.

We took a lot of pictures and ugh, I don’t know. The place is so beautiful, attractive, stunning, ravishing and other synonyms I can think of. I definitely want to go back here but wait, there’s more!

As we enter Noah’s Ark…

You’ll see this huge cross. I’m sorry, I couldn’t find a picture where it’s only the cross facing this view.

There were a lot of people and my mom and my aunts started to pray the Holy Rosary as we, kids, took a lot of pictures.

Here are other photos of the cross from a different angle, facing Mt. Cristobal.


Gonna flex photos of myself, too! This is while we were waiting for our mothers to finish praying and after that, we took a lot of pictures, again.

After enjoying everything in this park, we decided to finally go back down because the sun is up already and it’s kind of getting hot. I thought we’re gonna go home but… there’s more!

I had the chance to ride and drive an ATV Quad bike!!! I was really happy it was the first vehicle (sort of) that I get to drive. I was really happy and the trails were really amazing. We get to see different views. I thought it’s done with Noah’s Ark, but we decided to go up higher using the ATV and everything’s much more better. The place is really beautiful and I’m so blessed to see it. As far as I remember, we took the 500m ride than the 300m ride.

IMG_6391IMG_6397IMG_6401IMG_6387IMG_6386 (6)


AND that ends my Tayak Hill Adventure!

To everyone who gets to read this post, I highly recommend this place. It’s really serene, peaceful and it’s actually clean despite the high numbers of people coming to see the place. 930 steps? It’s all worth it.

Thank you so much for reading this post and I am really happy that I get to share my own pictures in this blog confidently. I’ve never been so confident about putting many pictures of my face in this platform and somehow, I’m really proud that I did.

I hope you enjoyed the photos, my experience and the overall post! ❤ Please have a lovely day wherever you are in the world. See you in my next post, bye!


My Favorite Cavetown Music

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I missed writing stuff about music and since I am listening to Cavetown right now, I thought I’d make a post about him. I am from the Philippines and here, we don’t really know Cavetown but it was really awesome that I got the chance to listen to his music because of my classmate last year. I don’t really know Cavetown at all but when I heard his music, I got so attached and started searching for his other music because it was so good!

Cavetown sounds like a band or something but it’s just him. His name is Robin and god, he really makes good music. If you don’t know him as well, you should go and check out his YouTube channel and listen to his music! His music speaks so much and you will feel that he spends time to make good music and it’s just really worth it. I’m gonna link the videos to this post so you can listen and read at the same time.

Robin 1
Talk To Me

You don’t have to be anybody you can never be

That’s all right, let it out, talk to me.

The song has a lot of other meaningful lyrics but this one has got to be my favorite. It just speaks so much and I just really, really love it. Sometimes, the world would tell you to “do this, do that” and would set standards for you to be in. Sometimes, the world would tell you to be something that you never wanted to be. At some point of our lives, I know we’ve all experienced that because of society’s standards but this song– it would remind us that it’s okay if we don’t go with their flow. It’s okay to think of yourself first. You don’t have to be anybody you can never be and that is alright. Nothing is wrong with that.  I also love the second phrase, “let it out, talk to me” because sometimes, we just really need to let our feelings out and for someone to listen. And sometimes, if we’re feeling sad or anxiety, we just really need to talk to someone who would understand. If you listen to the full music, I’m pretty sure you would love it as well and if ever the time comes when you feel like someone needs it, I recommend sharing this song to them.

Lemon Boy

So Lemon Boy and me, we just gotta get along together

I’ll help him plant his seeds and we’ll mow the lawn in bad weather

It’s actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him

So I got myself a citrus friend

This was the first song that I’ve heard from him (because of my classmate) and god, I got really attached and this song kept on playing in my head. When I searched Lemon Boy in YouTube, its music video came out so I watched it and everything became even more complicated. But even though, I really love the song.

Robbie later on explained Lemon Boy and he said, “Lemon Boy is the anxiety, the illness that’s inside all of us, and that is very strong inside me. A way of being happy for me is disassociating myself from those things, but also learning to live alongside them as a friend. I really hate Lemon Boy sometimes but he’s never going away, and I can use him for good (this album for instance). He made a really good point on this one. He symbolized Lemon Boy as his anxiety and instead of making hard choices to get rid of anxiety, he goes with the flow and even make friends with it.

Geez, how can you not love this song?


I hope you feel happy, that’s all I want

May I just say, this is the first time I have cried because of fruits! The music video literally made my heart broken and ugh, I just cried. And the song is just so good. When you watch the video, you’d see a lemon and a lime. The lime gives his everything to the lemon but when he has nothing to give anymore, the lemon leaves, but eventually, after some realizations, he wanted to come back, but it was too late.

The lyric “I hope you feel happy, that’s all I want” is about love that’s willing to give without expecting for anything in return. This is also my favorite lyric in the song because it’s powerful and sad at the same time. Sometimes when we really love someone, just seeing them happy makes our heart satisfied and really, it’s what we really want.

Cavetown has a lot of other music but those three are my top favorites! If you still haven’t, go listen to his songs. You will love it.

Thank you so much for reading and see you in the next post!

Do you know Cavetown? What’s your favorite song written by him?


Singapore Day 1

Hello, everyone! I know, it’s been so long and I promised you guys a life update in my last post, but life’s gotten in the way and I haven’t had the time to do a post but here I am now (lol) and welcome back to my blog!

I have announced in my last post that I will be going to Singapore and Malaysia for six days– and yes, I’m home now! I definitely enjoyed the trip and it was my first time to be in another country so I am really glad and thankful that I had this opportunity to travel! I loved seeing other people’s cultures, beliefs and their places. It’s definitely worth remembering for me as I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. I am sharing to you my experiences here but before that— please check out the travel vlog that I did! It’s taken me such a long way to edit this video and I know it isn’t the best editing but it’s my first time soooooo, I hope I’ll improve as time goes by!

Singapore Day 1 | Jirah Merizz

Please do click the link above and watch my first ever travel vlog and please do tell your insights in the comments below! And oh, please do watch in 1080p! ❤ If you’re done watching it, then continue reading as I will be sharing my experiences! 

April 08, 2019. It was my first time to be in a plane, so everything was new to me. While still in the airport, I was so nervous and I honestly didn’t know what to do. It was also my first time to use my passport (of course) and ah, I’m so happy it has stamps on it already! It was around 9pm and we were asked to board the plane and ugh, my excitement! When I was already on my seat, I noticed that I can’t breathe well— maybe because I am all so new to this and you know, I feared closed spaces at some point in my life and I though it was giving me the anxiety but I just breathe it all out, had a positive mindset and then I was fine. It was around 2am when we reached Singapore and asdgh!!! My excitement was real! Before going to the next part, here are some photos that I took while on the plane.


I swear these are the lowest quality photos that I’ve ever taken but I’m still sharing it because why not? Haha, if you wanna see more of my view from the plane, please do go and watch the video! 😛

We stayed in Snooze Inn Hotel and their staff are so friendly and nice! I mean honestly, I really enjoyed staying in the hotel and it felt very much like home. One staff there was Filipino and it made everything easier for us whenever we ask for directions and other stuff. Also, they offer free breakfast until 10am and as a girl who’s used to eating rice her whole life, I definitely enjoyed toasting bread and having breakfast with other people who stayed there.

April 09, 2019. For our first ever tourist destination, we decided to spend the whole day in Universal Studios. We bought an ez-link card for our MRT rides and I remember walking and walking and walking and asking for directions until finally, we reached Universal Studios. It was honestly so beautiful! The ticket in USS cost $79 for adults and we want to make the most out of it so we almost had a ride on everything! My unforgettable ones was riding Cyclon, Human, Revenge of The Mummy and The Transformers Ride which was in 3D I really felt like falling!! I have never been afraid of heights and I loved extreme rides, but after Cyclon and Human, oh god, I think I just changed. It was so extreme I couldn’t keep my eyes open because it feels like I’ll actually fall. However, it was so fun to experience it!

We had a long day in USS and most of our time, we spent waiting for the line… and eating because it made us really hungry and good thing, there’s rice!!

Please do enjoy my pictures in USS, most of them are already posted in my Instagram feed!

And that is all for today! There will be a separate post about my outfits so please do check it out! Maybe after I’ve finished editing all the vlogs, I’ll do it.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this! I’m currently editing Singapore Day 2 but I don’t know when will I finish it, I’ll just keep you guys updated! See you in the next post!




My Skin Care Products

Hello, everyone! Before we get on to this post, I’d like to have an update first on what’s going on with my life. First, we had our thanksgiving mass and honor’s assembly yesterday. I was about to post this yesterday but we came home really late already and I was so tired, I wanted to sleep. Second, my graduation will be on Saturday (April 6th) and I am honestly JUST SO EXCITED TO FINALLY FINISH MY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL LIFE. Third, I didn’t pass the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test)- I have prayed for it so much but maybe, God has different plans for me. But hey, I passed PUPCET (Polytechnic University of the Philippines College Entrance Test) and I am super grateful. Lastly, I will go to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for six days– I am so excited!

I will have a more detailed post about what’s going on in my life this Saturday, after my graduation. I just really wanted to update you. And so, let’s get started with the post! I don’t think I’ll review these products completely, I’ll just give my insights about these and how do these affect my face, since most of these are for my facial skin care.


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (473ml)

Let’s start with the product that I use daily, the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. My mom said that when I was still a baby, I always use Cetaphil products for my skin because of it’s gentle cleansing effect. I stopped using this for my elementary and started using again when I was in the 9th grade, when I figured out that I need to take care of my face. I asked my mom if I could use a product to make my skin look better, and she bought me a Cetaphil. I love this, I honestly do. It’s really pricey but my skin has gotten a lot more softer than before. I just love this and since I’ve been using this for years already, I actually trust this product.

Cetaphil Skin Cleansing Cloths 25s

To be honest, I’ve used this product for two times only and I am really satisfied with its cleansing effect. I first used this when we had our hiking because I thought it’s like an oil control cloth or something like that (I know, I’m not used to these products haha) and it really has this cooling effect and cleansing effect, to think that we hiked and I got back from the mountains. The second time I used this was yesterday, I had make up on because of our thanksgiving mass and honor’s assembly and I used this to remove my make up and gosh, it actually worked for me. I have a hard time removing my matte lipstick because it lasts for like 16 hours and I don’t have a product that removes lipstick yet and it just worked, I’m fascinated. I love the feeling when I use this cloths– so cooling and it would really clean your face. Anyway, it’s Cetaphil and it’s really pricey so it better be good!

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer (118 ml)

I use this once a day every after I take a bath and it really moisturizes my face. Since this is a Cetaphil product, it is also quite pricey especially in the Philippines but it is really worth it. Since I live in Tagaytay where it can be really cold compared to other cities, I have a dry face. For reals, it’s like my face is getting white spots because it’s really dry and I needed to use a moisturizer, good thing that we tried this one because it really works. When I first applied it to my face, I got it in my eye and god, it hurt so much, so please, if ever you’ll be using this for the first time, don’t have it near your eyes! I’m no expert in beauty products but I really love this one and the best thing is, this product can last for more than 6 months. Wowey!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water For Oily, Acne Prone Skin (125ml)

My classmate suggested this product to me, I always see her using it and trust me, she really has a clear skin so I thought, I should definitely get this one. However, I don’t fancy this product, not anymore. I think it’s also my fault because I should have bought the pink one and that is for all skin types while this blue one is for oily, acne prone skin. My skin is not really oily and I don’t really have too much acne, so it’s definitely not for me. I don’t like it’s cool effect when I use this because it feels harsh (something like that) and once, I used this to remove my make up and the next day, I spotted a growing pimple in my forehead. I think this is a bit harsh for my skin, I don’t know if the pink one would work for me but maybe, I’ll stick on with Cetaphil.

Johnson’s Blossom Baby Powder (100g)

My family have been using Johnson’s ever since and I won’t go anymore detailed with this, but this is the only powder that I use in my face. It has a nice fragrance and you’ll really see the difference when you apply this after your whole skin care routine.

And this sums up the products that I use for my skin care! These are mostly Cetaphil because my family really trust their products. I’m no expert at reviewing products but I really hope you enjoyed this! Thank you so much for reading and I’d like to ask,

What product has worked wonders for your skin?

I’ll see you in the next post, bye!