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My After School Routine | SSHS

Hello everyone!! Here’s another post because I feel like I have SO much free time but the truth is, I need to study for three upcoming exams. Haha, wish me luck! Anyway, school can really be tiring and here’s my after school routine. However, my routine changes because you guys know me, my mind changes a lot from time to time. 

My After School Routine | SSHS

Okay first of all, it’s weird to say that I’m actually studying because I’ve never done that in my entire life. But here’s my routine after I get home from school: 

  • Sleep or take a rest.

Okay so the first thing I do is take a rest, and if I’m lucky enough, I’d sleep for an hour or so. And there was one time where I really need to study for a test but my nap continued and I woke up the day after. I was really panicking and I didn’t know what to do. It was already set in my mind to wake up after an hour but because I’m just SO lucky, I slept through the whole night and didn’t study at all. BUT the good thing is, I still passed the test. I got 40/46 in our Science test and my only mistake was I didn’t follow the instruction– if I did, then my score might be even higher. That was a lesson for me– indeed a lesson. Hah. 

  • Feed my cats & eat dinner with fam.

I can’t just ignore my pets so I still feed them. Here’s another story: You guys know that Muning has only three kittens, right? Sharpie, Veena and Tiny– but one time when I got home from school, I looked at their haul and I was so confused. Why was there four kittens inside the cage? And the other kitten was white, and looks exactly like Sharpie! I was really confused and I asked my mum about the kittens. I remember there were only three kittens. I start to wonder what if I’m just dreaming? Haha. But I saw my dad laughing, I asked him where did he get the other kitten and dad said that the kitten was lost so he kept it. And I already gave him a name as well. He is called Perry– he looks like Elline’s cat so I named him Perry as well.

Okay, story aside, after feeding my cats, I go now and feed myself– studies is life but being healthy is lifer. Haha. 

  • Take a shower.

But there are times that I can’t really do this because I’m so tired and at the same time, I have SO much to do. If I can’t take a shower, I just change my clothes and I get ready to study for the night.

  • Study.

I don’t think I can call “this” as studying already. But yeah, I do read notes but only when there are exams and assignments. I’m not really the studious type aha. Anyway, I think there’s a name for this but my study habit is I write then I read. I write, I really repeat all my notes and then I read for a few times, and then I feel like I can remember what I wrote. We all have different study habits so cheers if you have the same study habit as mine!

  • Wash face and brush teeth. 

I can’t avoid this one! So after I finish studying, I refreshen myself again and I use Cetaphil for my face. It’s just so soft and I feel so fresh after applying it to my face– even if it’s so late at night. Haha.

  • Sleep again.

To be totally honest, I need sleep. I really do. It’s really hard and sometimes I don’t really notice the time and realise that it’s already 1am or so. And then my classmates would ask me if I even slept because of my eye bags. I just don’t mind them. 

What is your after school routine? 

Have a lovely day, fellas!


    Footwear Wants

    Hello everyone! It’s Friday and it’s my free time, so here’s a post for you all! Fun fact, I’m an absolute lover of any type of footwear, whether it be sneakers, rubber or running shoes, stilettos heels, boots and such!

    Today I’ll be sharing some of the footwear that I want. I mean, who doesn’t love having a good and attractive shoes, right? I have a lot in my list but I’m fine with the footwear that I have for now. It’s just so fun to look through Pinterest and see aesthetic pictures of shoes. So lovely! 

     I’m so obsessed with Nike’s FlyKnit Roshe Run. It’s just so pretty!!
    I’m so inlove with this Oxfords series from FSJ Shoes. Just look how lovely is this!
    Another thing that I love from FSJ Shoes is this stiletto heels! Just look how beautiful is this and I really love the red of this one! So lovely!
    I would also love to have any of these from Converse nude collection holiday pack!
    And lastly, I also want this New Balance in pink rose. Sooo cute!

    Okay as you guys can notice, I love pink in shoes, especially the pastel ones. And recently, I’ve visited FSJ Shoes and you guys can visit them too. They have a wide collection of footwear and my personal favourite are the Oxfords ones. So cute! 

    What is your favourite type of footwear and among the five pictures above, which one is your favourite? 


    How To Be Okay When You’re Not Really Okay?

    I’m sorry I haven’t posted this weekend. A lot of things has been going on. I want to ask you guys, how to be okay when you’re not really okay? I’m so drained and depressed right now and I’m sorry for posting this in my blog– but I know you guys can help me. I’ll just delete it later.

    Anyway thank you so much Angela for featuring me in your Do You Know series. Thank you so so much. You made so happy yesterday. :))

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    Got Nominated For #BloggersBlogAwards

    Today I’m celebrating another achievement. 6 days ago, someone emailed me saying that she nominated me for the #BloggersBlogAwards. I just read it earlier and I screamed so much. It’s the first time that I got nominated for an award and ahh I’m just so happy about it!! 

    Thank you so very much, Hayley, for thinking about me and actually nominating me. I’m SO grateful and I badly want to hug you loads right now!!

    This is the very first time and I’m extremely happy about this. 😀

    So Hayley nominated me in the Best Lifestyle Blog category.

    And the best part about this post? 

    You can actually nominate your own favourite blogs too and think what category suits them!! (I’ll leave a link down below.) What I love the most about this Blog Awards is that bloggers can share their love and support for their co-bloggers. I haven’t nominated my favourite blogs yet but I’ll surely let them know if I have nominated them!

    So click this link right now and nominate your favourite bloggers!! You can only vote once though– but you can read the whole mechanics in the link. So go check it out!! Let’s spread love in the blogosphere and let’s nominate our co-bloggers as well!! ❤

    Life · Series: Surviving Senior High School

    Acceptance | SSHS 

    Change is inevitable and you need to accept every change that comes in your way. 

    I know, it’s hard to adjust with the change. It’s been a month already since we started school, but I don’t think I can say that I’m already used to my new routines and to the new people around me. 

    It’s hard. New people are in your way, new ideas, conflicts and so much more. It’s also hard to cope up with the environment and trust me, there are people who will always stare at you, and if you’re paranoid, you’ll get scared. The people who stares at you may be a group of guys or a group of girls, but think deeper. Think outside the box. Ask yourself, why do they look at me? 

    • Do I look ugly?
    • Did I do something wrong?
    • What’s wrong with me? Is there a dirt on my face? Why are they staring?

    And then you’ll think of that, you’ll start to ignore yourself and the positivity around you. But let’s make it the other way around. They look at you because:

    • You are beautiful.
    • They see something good in you.
    • They want to be your friend. 
    • There may be some conflict around you and them, but that would be solved with a proper communication.

    If you don’t really know each other and they continue to look at you, then just accept it. Accept the fact that they can’t get their eyes off you. Think positive. You are beautiful and your inside self knows that.

    Another problem with adjusting with change is the lessons and the teachers. You might come from a public school before and you’re so used to the openness during discussions; and your former teachers in your private school before are so close to you but now, what happened? You rarely talk with the teachers. It’s hard to adjust, but what I can say again is accept. 

    Accept whatever’s happening in your life right now, because pure acceptance results to pure actions and good works. And always remember that Jesus is always there for you, so accept His plans and glorify Him always. Do not interfere with what the Lord is doing with your life; He knows what’s best for you, and for everyone of us. So just accept whatever life throws at you. I know and I believe, that you’re going to pass through it all with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ. ❤ 

    I wrote this for everyone who’s adjusting to the change, because I myself is also adjusting too. It’s hard, I swear, it’s hard. But as with God, I can do all things and pass through this. 

    And hey, you. Yes, you, who are currently reading. I want you to smile right now and tell yourself that you can do it. You can surpass life’s problems… just trust the Lord. 🙂 


    700 Followers Q and A!!

    Sooo hello everyone! How are you? I’m kinda missing a lot and after I write this, I promise to catch up with your blogposts! I am missing so much and I’ll try my best to read the stuff you’ve posted.

    I am just so so happy it’s Friday! And again, thank you so much for 700 followers. I can’t believe my followers are still increasing even though I rarely post. And I am happier with the progress I’m doing in my blog. Last year, mid-June, I stopped blogging up to December. But no, I won’t do that this year. I promise! 


    700 Followers Q and A

    Life of Angela asked:

    Do you have any plans after you finish school? 

    • This is such a good question, Angela! But I don’t think I can give you a concrete answer. My mind changes from time to time and honestly, I still don’t know what course to take yet. I want to take up psychology as my pre-law but since my mum doesn’t want me to become a lawyer, I might take up linguistics, tourism or philosophy. But whatever happens, I’ll continue blogging and I’ll try to pursue Youtube as well. Thanks again for this question and I really miss talking to you!! ❤

    Azra asked: 

    Where do you expect blogging to take you? It’s something like future of your blog!

    • I want my words to reach out everyone, but I don’t really expect it since I’m not a really good blogger and there are way more many better bloggers here than me but still, I really want my words to reach the whole world and I will be glad with the people who will stay with me and my writings. And one thing that I expect in this blog is that this blog will have a personal domain, haha!

    Glücksgeist asked:

    What is your favourite blog post from yours? 

    • I really loved writing my entry for the mental health awareness month last May and so far it is my favourite post. I also love my posts about my faith and they are all my favourites. ❤ 

      Amelia in Hull asked: 

      Why did you start blogging in the first place? 

      • I started blogging because I really want to express my thoughts to others. You can read in my ‘about’ page that Zoë also inspired me. But aside from that, I really want my words to reach other people and I am so amazed and it still feel surreal that I have had readers and friends from the other side of the world eversince I’ve started this blog. PS. Miss you, Amelia! 

      | ash | asked:

      What is one thing you wish never existed? 

      • Hatred. I really wish hatred never existed. Hate can lead to something big and hate is a very dangerous thing or feeling. Some people might not think about it but hate leads people to separation and sadly, it also causes wars. 

      What’s your favourite word? 

      • I don’t want to sneak in the dictionary right now and search for a pretty word, haha. But my favourite word is constellations. I don’t know, the word is just so pretty and it’s pleasing to hear. Plus, I like stars so much. I can just stare at them all night ’til I fall to sleep.

      Hayley of Luna asked:

      When you were a kid, did you ever think that you will become a blogger? 

      • No, nope, nah, na-uh!! I don’t even know what blogging was before. I’m so glad God introduced me to this world because I have no regrets in joining the blogosphere. And it’s quite funny to think of it, I was just a kid playing with dirt before..and now, I’m here. Surreal. Haha.

        Penelope Crumb asked: 

        What do you wish EXISTED? 

        • Ever since I was a kid, I’m inlove with pegasus. And I still wish it exists haha! 

        Would you steal a book if all the books in the world were burned?

        • I would save the books but won’t steal them!! 

        PoojaG asked:

        If you could bring a fictional character to life who would it be and why? 

        • I have so many but the first one that came to my mind was Josh Wasserstein from Isla and The Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins. Ahhh Josh!!! ❤

          Alanna asked:

          If you could wish for one thing to change in the world what would it be and why? 

          • I really want the wars to stop. Change is inevitable and the world changes from time to time, but I really really want the wars to be over. I’m so tired of hearing wars from the news… it’s just so saddening.

            It’s Simply Me, Jasmine asked:

            Who’s your role model?

            • I have a lot of role models but someone who inspires me to do a lot and to do good everyday is Jesus. ❤ My parents are also my role models and other bloggers! 

            Who’s your favourite female book character? 

            • Tris from Divergent. She’s just so cool!

            Favourite bloggers? 

            • Am I cheating if I don’t answer this? Haha. I seriously have a lot, trust me! And I plan on doing a separate post for it, it’s also to acknowledge my favourite blogs sooo…check it out soon! :p

            Elena asked: 
            If you could be a character in a book, who would you be? 

            • Isla from Isla and The Happily Ever After– so that I could have Josh Wasserstein as my boyfriend. Haha but aside from Isla, I’d want to be Tris Prior from Divergent. 

            BeaFreitas asked: 

            Why did you start blogging? 

            • Same as my answer to Amelia’s questions. I started blogging because I really want to reach the world through my words. I also want to inspire other people and speak up for themselves too.

            What quote or quotes have the biggest impact on you? 

            • These are some of the quotes that has a big impact for me and these quotes help me to go and do good everyday!

            What is your favourite song lyric?

            • My favourite song lyric is the one below from the song Girls On TV by The Vamps. I love stars, and for me the meaning of the lyrics below has something so much deeper behind it.

            What do you like to do on a hot summer day? 

            • If possible, go to a beach with a book, a cold beverage and ahhhh I’m so good. And add an ice cream, that would be so perfect! 

            How do you like to spend your rainy days? 

            • Rainy days are cuddle weather so I’d have my cats with me, a book or my journal in my desk, wearing a cute jumper and socks whilst laying in bed just staring at the ceiling. I know it’s so unproductive but rainy days are lazy days. Haha.

            Starring Pamela asked: 

            What’s a book that has stayed with you?

            • So hard to answer since so many books has stayed with me! Harry Potter, Stephanie Perkins’ books and so much more… But I would choose Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. It’s my favourite book. 

            What’s your favourite animal? 

            • Uhmmmm… CATS AND DOGS OF COURSE!!

            What’s one thing you want to do but haven’t yet done?

            • Ride an airplane, be overseas and have new adventures with a whole new people!!! That would be so amazing.

              Quintessential Faith asked: 

              How did you get to reach this so many followers? 

              • This is the first time I’ve been asked for something like that in a Q and A so thanks, lovely! Blogging is a journey, it has its own ups and downs and I have experienced that myself, too. To be honest, I don’t know how I reached 700+ followers… but I think I got 700 followers because I visit new blogs everytime and I really interact with them and support their blogs. The blogosphere is such a supportive community and honestly you can just visit everyone, leave a nice comment to their blog, eventually you’ll gain friends thus, you’ll gain followers. And another tip is, don’t think about the follower count, you can have thousands and thousands of followers but they won’t read your posts. What matters the most is the ones who’ll stay and support every post you publish. Also, be passionate in everything you post. People will know if you’re passionate about it and they’ll love it too for sure.

              Can an individual on a free WordPress plan get as many followers as the same time frame?

              • Absolutely yes!!! But what you really need is a lot of time and lot of ideas. My followers increased when it was my summer vacation because I post everyday. I admit, I ran out of ideas but because I love what I’m doing and I got used to post everyday, my blogging family started to grow. And I’m also on a free WordPress plan so you can do it, lovely!! 🙂

                Shelby asked:
                Where in the world do you want to visit?

                • I badly want to visit the European countries…and the Middle East!!! I love visiting historical places and I think I’ll shed tears if ever I got the chance to go in Jerusalem. Jesus was once in Jerusalem so it would be such an awesome experience to visit the place! 

                What is your dream job? 

                • If I’m not a flight attendant or a lawyer or a psychologist or a philosopher, then I’ll pursue writing. 🙂

                What are some goals you have in school for now? 

                • This is so heartbreaking to answer… but I really want to be an achiever in my new school. It’s hard and I don’t think I’ll be able to do it so my lovely fellow bloggers, please surround me with your positivity. I’m losing confidence when it comes to my studies! 😦

                  God Is Eternal 777 asked:
                  Do you think it’s a good idea to add a personal story to the introduction sentence of a blog post? 

                  • Yes!! Honestly you can do whatever you want for your posts because you’re the one who’s writing it and everyone of us has own writing techniques and it’s definitely okay! 🙂

                  And that’s it!!!! I am so happy I got to answer a Q and A again and I hope you guys enjoyed my answers!

                  I’ll catch up with your posts now… ❤

                  Thank you so much for 700 followers!!

                  How was your week and is it still summer on where you live? ❤