Saving Money Struggles!

Hello everyone!

We’ve all been there. We’ve all said the line “I need to save money. I won’t buy anything tomorrow” kind of thing. But… does it happen?

6 months ago before school started, I noted to myself: do not buy a lot of food. Do not buy. Do not buy. Do not buy. Save money. Save money. Save money. You need to buy a camera. You need to save! Yes, I’ve said these before school started but what happened? Wanna know?

Nothing! *claps hands and cries*

Absolutely, nothing has happened with my saving ideas. I did not save any money. And now, I’m crying. I have so many expenses to pay and I don’t really like asking my parents for money. It makes me feel soo ashamed! I don’t really like it.

And the worst, I won’t be able to buy a camera!!! *cries and cries* The year is nearly ending and aaaahhh I don’t have any moneyyy!!

It’s not like I’m money addicted, no. But let’s face the truth, in the world today, you need money to buy you stuff. Yes it won’t buy your happiness but still, it’s an essential. You won’t even have food if you don’t have any money.

And because my heart is broken because I don’t have any savings… here are some reasons why I can’t save money.

  • F O O D E V E R Y W H E R E

Sadly, but yes! I have 100 pesos daily allowance and here’s my routine in school:

  1. Break time– we’re going to the canteen. I smell siomai and then I become attracted to rice. I have no choice but to buy a 35 pesos meal.
  2. After eating my delicious siomai and rice, I head over to the counter again to buy Chunkie cookies which costs 10 pesos and sometimes I buy two or three– depends on my mood! So let’s calcute, 35 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 65 pesos. Like it’s still the morning and I have bought 65 pesos of my money already!
  3. Lunch time. I eat my packed lunch and later on I crave for more food. I head on to the counter again and sometimes I buy a chocolate drink or milk drink which costs 30 pesos. So let’s estimate, 65 + 30 = 95. *crying*
  4. Dismissal. They over this really good Chow rice and I can’t help but eat them because they taste so yummy! Chow rice usually cost 35 pesos. So look, I am so bankrupt now.
  • Tickets

Sometimes there are events for the youth– like Live Pure Movement and such. I do my best to save money to buy tickets– I don’t really want to ask for my parents but when the event day comes, I have to ask for money because I am totally bankrupt.

  • School expenses

Nothing really big about school expenses but for example, like the strand shirt, we have to pay 250 pesos. I’m proud that I didn’t ask them money for the shirt!

  • Sometimes you just really crave for a milktea or a Chickenjoy Jollibee.

And this is so true. I go outside the house even if I’m alone to buy a milktea or a Chickenjoy!! And I also really crave for Dakasi!

  • Phone load.

So that I could use the internet. Ughh.

Any of you have some tips to save money? Haha please don’t say that I should avoid food, because that won’t happen.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! See you!


30 Days Of Gratitude | 11-14-2017

30 Days Of Gratitude — November 14, 2017

What sight are you grateful for today?

It was gloomy early in the morning– it was foggy and it’s just cold. I don’t really know but I love the seeing fog around the place and I love the coldness.

The sun rose already, I was at school and our teacher called us to look at a tree. It was the first time I’ve looked at that tree. I’ve been in school for months already but I never really looked and appreciated the tree. I loved the sight of it. It made me reflect about our worth and our time to bloom.

Another thing, I was still at class, afternoon, the sun was setting and the sun’s light was reflected in our room. It was really beautiful. I loved that sight.

Let’s chat! What sight are you grateful for today?

30 Days Of Gratitude | 11-13-2017

I know this is late but here it is!

30 Days Of Gratitude — November 13, 2017

What abilities are you grateful for?

I am grateful to see things clearly without having any problems with my eyes. I still have a perfect vision even though I spend time staring at my phone and I’m grateful for that.

Teenagers nowadays have poor vision because of staring too much in gadgets. I’m glad I’m not one of them but sometimes I have an eye allergy but yeah, it’s okay.

I’m grateful for the perfect eye vision.

Another ability that I am grateful for is to wake up for school even though I have like 4 hours of sleep only. That is something I should be grateful for!! Haha.

Another thing, I’m really grateful that I can speak now with new people. I don’t really know if I’m still an introvert (and if that changes) but yes, I like talking to new people now. I’m so grateful for this.

Let’s chat! What abilities are you grateful for?

30 Days Of Gratitude | 11-12-2017

I know this is late but here it is!

30 Days Of Gratitude — November 12, 2017

What texture are you grateful for?

I’m not exactly sure about what texture means here because the meaning of texture is so wide. However if it’s about a cloth, I really love smooth and comfy sweaters. H&M’s sweaters are really good because they have the right texture that I want in a cloth. I really love it, it’s like I’m being hugged by a very huggable person.

Same with the texture in clothes, I love smooth texture in food. I love marshmallow and cotton candy– they are so smooth and lovely!!

I’m grateful for smooth texture.

Let’s chat! What texture are you grateful for?

30 Days Of Gratitude | 11-11-2017

I know this is late but here it is!

30 Days Of Gratitude — November 11, 2017

What holiday are you grateful for?

Uhm– do I still have to answer this question? Of course it’s Christmas!!!

It starts to get cold, people start to decorate their houses, people start to become festive, people offer different prayers and the church is getting ready for the Simbang Gabi!

I so love Christmas– and this is also the time that bloggers do their Blogmas, Vlogmas and anything related to Christmas. And and and, the food starts to become delicious!!

But of course, Christmas is to celebrate Christ’s birth. What’s the essence of Christmas if it weren’t for Christ? Christmas is when Jesus was born– our Saviour was born and it is really something that everyone should be grateful for.

I am grateful and definitely in love with Christmas.

Let’s chat! What holiday are you grateful for?

Serving The Kids: My Experience + Photos!

Last Friday, I’ve posted Serving The Kids– the post is all about my expectations and how I feel about serving. Now, I’ve experienced the real kid’s camp and it is something that I would never forget.

I never really liked kids. Yes I was once a kid but I don’t really like clingy people and kids are…clingy. But little did I know, kids give out the most genuine smile you’ll ever receive in your life.

Almost 30 kids attended. I’m not exactly sure but I guess it’s more than 30. It wasn’t easy. Serving God is never easy and that applies to the kids as well. You’ll experience everything. They ask your permission first before doing something and it’s like wherever you go, a kid will call you because they need help. It’s tiring, it’s not easy but it’s worth it. The feeling while you’re there is so much more.

I love how kids pray– it is so sincere, so true, so pure. They don’t think for themselves instead they think of their mother and father and siblings left at home. It’s so sweet and very heart touching.

Since I am a facilitator, I was tasked to know the kid’s heart and the problems they’re facing at home. Sometimes it’s about their parents, siblings and sometimes all about their friends. For some of us, the youth, the kid’s problems are very light but you’ll never know how hard is the problem if you’re not the one experiencing it. I’ve learned a lot from them and I hope I touched their hearts.

During the first day or the kids day, it was so tiring. You’ll be tired physically but emotionally? You can’t explain it. There’s pure and overflowing happiness while serving. So, during the first day, we are all tasked to dance so that the kids will imitate us in dancing. I’m not a dancer but geez, it felt really good to dance and sing and pray at the same time. It’s more better if you see the kids around you dancing and enjoying the song as well.

I am so thankful that I got to experience this camp. It is so memorable and I have really learned a lot.

During the kids activities, I held like 10 kids to play for each station and I am so proud to say that our team is somehow the best. The kids are very competitive and during the games, they are like competing but of course, having fun at the same time. Everytime we finish a station, they’d all run to me and give me a high five– which I really love.

Night came and we’ve got bonfire. The kids were so happy, of course, and we also had a praise and worship surrounding the bonfire. I love how the kids dance– because they learned the dances in just one day.

Another thing, some kids weren’t allow to stay for the night so before they go home, one kid came to me and hugged me. It was the sweetest hug I’ve ever received. I was like, thank you for hugging me. You don’t know how I feel right now. It was very heartwarming and after him, two kids came to me then it became three and four and five and I gave them a group hug. Being surrounded with so much positivity and smiles is something I wouldn’t trade for. That is so far the best experience I’ve had in the kids camp.

Now, I’m expecting to see the kids I’ve seen in the camp in the upcoming assemblies and fests. I hope that all the kids praise God all the time.

Here are the photos– I’ve collaged some of them and these are not all the kids who attended. I haven’t had the chance to take a picture with everyone! 😦

Look at those smiles!!! *heart emoji*

I’ll add more photos later on. Thank you all so much for reading! I hope the kids’ smiles in the pictures will touch your heart as well!

May God always be praised! ❤

PS. I will do the missed gratitude days tomorrow!

30 Days Of Gratitude | 11-10-2017

30 Days Of Gratitude — November 10, 2017

What taste are you grateful for today?

I’m definitely grateful for milk today. It’s been a cold day and there are little rains pouring down, and it’s nice to have good ol’ milk.

I really am a lover of milk. Even at school, if I see a sterilized milk at the fridge, I’m more likely to buy it than chocolate drinks. I love milk so much. There’s something about it that calms me and soothes me down.

I am grateful for the taste of milk.

This is it for today’s prompt. How about you? What taste are you grateful for? I’d like to know in the comments below!